Connecting Humans Through
Digital Technology.

We partner with businesses to help them grow using digital technology.


Implementing Strategic Marketing Technology?

We Are Here For You!

We aim to redefine the traditional “Client v Agency” relationship. Removing the parasitic jargon that often haunts communications. We preference partnerships where the focus is aligned to performance and results.

We help companies grow through intelligent PPC marketing, and landing pages that turn website browsers into buyers!



Human Communication

Technologies change, human communication doesn’t. While the tools and devices that marketing teams use evolve, the process of connecting and forming relationships with new customers stays the same.

Education Empowerment

Continuous education across new technologies, best practices as well as basic how-to’s and 101 courses are a core part of our strategy. We believe in open source learning rather than industry secrets. Check out our resources and digital workshops series.

Performance Modelling

Defining a clear roadmap for campaigns provides our clients with clarity and reassurance around expectations of campaign performance.
We provide detailed campaign performance modelling prior to kicking off any campaign activities.

Loyal Partnerships

We strive to acquire long term partnerships with our clients, providing profit driven digital marketing campaigns to business looking to grow.
This means that we are constantly on the lookout to connect with businesses that need our help.


When it comes to results, Skypoynt define excellence! My firm began from zero, and has built a fantastic lead generation funnel leveraging PPC activities.
Joseph Taouk
Principal at Gavel & Page Lawyers

As ENKE is a management accounting and taxation firm the new financial year is always our busiest period.

After consulting and working alongside Tom and the Skypoynt team we were able to implement an online booking system to our website. The new system has helped support our firm with automating client consultations, follow-up notifications and sourcing of client information, resulting in a substantial decrease in the need for administrative support.

Deciding to roll out a completely new system a week before tax time is a daunting idea, but thanks to Tom and his team tax time has never been more stream lined.

Thank you Skypoynt!

Nate Kellock
Principal, ENKE Accounting