Google Ad Grants Program Updates December 2017

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Google Ad Grants Program Updates December 2017

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Google has announced a number of updates for their Google Ad Grants' programme policies. The updates come as the Ad Grants' program reaches a milestone of over 35,000 active grant receiving organisations.

The updates aim to add clarity and raise the standards of quality for the program. Most notable of the updates is the abolishment of the programme's traditional $2.00 USD bid cap for accounts that bid on keywords using maximise conversions bidding.

The updates also see significant changes to the following policies:

Important Grant Policy Updates For Adwords Accounts

As a result of these updates, there are a number of important management practises that grant recipient's need to consider. Note that the programme modifications are only specific to Adwords Ad Grant accounts. Adwords Express accounts have a different set of management requirements.

Account structure

All Ad Grant AdWords accounts must meet the following minimum standards for their campaign account structure:

  • A minimum of 2 active ad groups per campaign.
  • Ad groups must contain a set of closely related keywords.
  • Active ad groups must contain 2 active text ads.
  • Active ad groups must contain 2 sitelink ad extensions.


Account Performance

All Ad Grant AdWords accounts must maintain a 5% click-through rate (CTR) every month. This means that account managers will need to be careful when selecting keywords to target as poor click-through rates for irrelevant keyword targeting will cause the account to fall below the 5% threshold.

Google have noted that accounts that fall below the 5% click-through rate monthly performance minimum for two consecutive months will have their account suspended.


Programme Feedback And Engagement Requirements

Google have also mentioned that as part of the program, all Grant recipients will be required to complete an annual programme survey. This mandatory survey will help Google understand how organisations are using the grant as well as assist in the development of the program.

This survey will be sent via account manager in-product notifications emails. Campaign managers should ensure that the email address listed in the Google Ad Grant account is up to date and opted into receiving emails from AdWords.


The changes to the program emphasise the importance of good management practices. A well maintained account is imperative to show users the right ad at the right time.  Google has noted that additional requirements for using AdWords are being phased in alongside increased educational content such as webinars, videos and tailored in-product notifications.

The above listed policy updates are effective January 1, 2018 for all Ad Grantees.


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