The Month in SEO with Skypoynt - August 2015

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The Month in SEO with Skypoynt - August 2015

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Every month we are your one stop shop for SEO news across the internet. SEO in 2015 news is below, oh and we would love you to try out out SEO analyser for your website, check it out right here: 

August 2015 in SEO:

Mobile websites that push app adverts will soon be punished by Google.


You know the drill, you arrive on a great website but before you get to the content you are hit with an offer to download the website's app. Google has taken on feedback that these app requests are not optimum user they are planning on giving preference to those sites without that app download option.

Google unveils a new look logo.


Change is in the air, Google's new logo is simple, clean and fresh, it's dividing opinion across the internet. A change has been welcomed by the community but was it the right move to go so simplistic? Who are we to question the big G. Will this affect search engine optimization? No, but we thought it important anyhow!

Dr. Google?


Did you know that Google has created a medical database to help find information about illness and find factual information, verified by doctors on over 900 medical conditions. In terms of SEO if you are a medical provider, this is something you will want to keep an eye on.

Long tail SEO is important.


It's important, especially now in 2015 to really understand what your customers search for.  We at Skypoynt are interested in SEO and all things digital but are unlikely to search for just "SEO" or "all things digital". It's more likely that we are going to be specific about our search, for example, "the Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2015". There will be less competition for more complex keyword strings than the simpler, but really it's all about thinking like a customer.

So, that's it, more changes afoot within search in 2015, we believe there will be more this month...and for every month thereafter. To keep on top of search engine optimization check out our FREE SEO report on the Skypoynt webpage.



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