Are FAQs Beneficial for Your Conveyancing Website?

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Are FAQs Beneficial for Your Conveyancing Website?

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Yes, FAQs are Beneficial to your Conveyancing Website!

Your website should tell potential clients exactly who you are, what your services include, and most importantly - how you can help them! FAQs are a critical component of your content marketing, as they answer user questions about you and the conveyancing process. 

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about content marketing for conveyancers and the great elements that make a great website. FAQs were just one of the elements we outlined, and in this article, we want to expand on that, particularly from an SEO perspective. Let’s get some fundamentals out of the way first. 

What are the Benefits of FAQs to Your Conveyancing Firm Website? 

We are all fairly time poor in these times, so it makes sense that if Google can’t give us the answer, we are going to go straight to the source. 

Regardless of how comprehensive your content is, this is where an FAQ page or element comes into play. 

FAQs offer clear and practical answers and information to some of your potential clients' most urgent or common questions, to direct them on what to do next or come to you for assistance. And.. by all accounts, your FAQs should be simple to find and a breeze to navigate. 

7 Benefits of FAQs for Conveyancing Websites

Briefly, these are some of the benefits outside of SEO, for including FAQs on your website:


  1. Increased Website Visibility - incorporating keywords and phrases into your FAQs can help clients find your firm. Formulating answers to common questions and online queries can help search engines identify your site as offering the most relevant information in response to those user queries. 

  2. Improved User Experience - FAQs make it easy for prospective clients to locate the information they need. It can help boost their satisfaction as it serves as a factor in your customer service model. 

  3. Guide and Manage Client Expectations - Outlining fees, timelines, inclusions and processes - and of course answering the common questions related to your services - can offer potential clients a fundamental understanding of what they should expect moving forward with your conveyancing firm. 

  4. Create and Build Trust - Trust is the foundation on which clients will engage with your firm. Transparency and expertise offer confidence when people are undertaking such large, life-altering transactions as their first property purchase. Honest answers and clear logical information are key. 

  5. Demonstrate Expertise and Authority - You are a conveyancing expert in both your professional field and geographic area, so FAQS offer another way of demonstrating this. 

  6. Competitive Advantage - Do a search for Conveyancing FAQs and see what you come up with. It’s not a common offering for conveyancing firms - except for perhaps the larger businesses. Use it to your advantage, it’s an opportunity to stand out competitively online. Free advice? Yes, please. 

  7. Save Valuable Time - Any business will tell you they spend a lot of time answering the same questions. Creating FAQs that devote themselves to answering these common - and often pesky - questions, can save frontline staff and your legal team time to focus on more valuable aspects of your conveyancing processes. It’s also a great resource to send potential clients to if they are time-poor. 

Good FAQ Pages are Good for SEO 

The goal of an FAQ page is exactly what SEO is about - offering the best answers to audience questions in relation to your business. FAQs can increase the amount of organic traffic that your firm’s website attracts - they represent high quality, relevant content. 

However, it does come down to well-optimised and SEO-friendly content. To contribute to the SEO value of your FAQs this means: 

  • Incorporating keywords into your on-page copy
  • Optimising title tags and meta descriptions
  • Adding structure content 

You can’t throw an assortment of random questions onto a page and expect page one rankings or increased leads. Users (or search engines) won’t find value in irrelevant answers or trawling through copious amounts of copy. 

You’ll need to focus on shaping the best FAQ content for search engines, but more importantly, the simplest and most valuable experience for your potential clients. 

Tips for Effective Conveyancing FAQ Page

Now that we have sold you on adding an FAQ section to your site - or auditing your current one - where do you start? 

Tips for effective FAQ page for  conveyancers graphic

These are our recommendations - and remember visually they need to reflect your brand and design style and keep in mind the tone and voice of your existing content. 

  • Identify and Create a List of Common Questions 

“How long does the process take?”,  “What’s the most important documentation I need?” or what about “How much experience does your firm have with off-the-plan transactions?’? 

We aren’t conveyancers, but I’m sure there is a myriad of common or regular questions that your staff and team get asked. Perhaps you have a chat function on your site and questions are posted there. 

Gather them all from wherever you can - check out other conveyancer sites. Do some online research, even Google questions yourself and look at the ‘People Also Ask' section of the SERP.  What about your social media sites? 

No questions should be considered too small, and if you have too many questions it’s time to think about topics and sections (and maybe revise your website content). 

  • Develop Simple Answers

Write answers as you speak to your clients and prospects. Short, simple and to the point, but most importantly - answer the question. If you have a blog, article or page that expands on the answer add a link to that. If you have to squeeze heaps of information into the page holistically then consider the next tip. 

  • Organise your FAQ Page Logically

One of the key benefits of FAQs is the improved user experience, so arrange your content logically, so they can find it. 

If there’s a lot of information or content for your FAQ page (and assume that over time you’ll be adding more) then it’s time to think about categorising it. Dividing it into topics such as general questions or conveyancing types. Or perhaps divide the answer content and add more poignant questions for the answers.

  • Focus on SEO

We’ve got a heap of content on Conveyancer SEO to check out, but for the purpose of this blog, we’ll add that internal and external links can help put your FAQs out there. More on this below. 

Keywords and long-tail keywords and phrases in your original content (questions AND answers) here are key. 

  • Include CTAs and Links 

Links and CTAs not only strengthen the content of your FAQs and website, but they also help potential clients take the next step. 

Whether it’s to book a meeting or call, or take them to extended information or downloads on curated topic content, these elements can lend to your authority, trustworthiness, expertise and increased traffic and conversions. 

  • Consider Design Elements

It doesn’t have to be all about text and links. Adding images and video can not only enhance your content - it can make it more engaging!

  • Update your FAQ Page Frequently

Just like any other content on your website, updating is crucial. Laws and regulations change, and so will your processes and team's experiences. Stay ahead of the game and regularly revisit and update your FAQs to engage your audience and remain relevant. 

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of FAQs

There are some things that you should avoid, and while they could be considered common sense - we all know sometimes sense isn’t that common. 

4-Common -pitfalls-when-creating-FAQs

Final Word on FAQs for Conveyancing SEO

A great FAQ page can be a vital element of your firm’s website, and having optimised FAQs has become an increasingly important factor for SEO. 

Investing the time to create and deploy an informative and relevant FAQ page or section of your site will, eventually, save your conveyancing teams time. On top of that, it can boost your organic ranking, engage your potential customers, increase your expertise and trust, and attract more of the high converting clients you want. The sooner you implement, the sooner the benefits will come. 

What the FAQ are you waiting for? 

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