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Tom Pritchard
Tom Pritchard is the Founder and Director of Skypoynt. He is passionate about Digital Marketing, digital economics and social justice.
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Google Ad Grants Program Updates December 2017

Posted by Tom Pritchard on December 14, 2017

Google has announced a number of updates for their Google Ad Grants' programme policies. The updates come as the Ad Grants' program reaches a milestone of over 35,000 active grant receiving organisations.

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Topics: Google Ad Grants, Charity, Nonprofit, ad grant program policies

My Favourite Video's That Explain SEO For ECommerce

Posted by Tom Pritchard on December 6, 2017

Being an avid YouTube junkie! I often find myself trawling through endless streams of YouTube video's. In amongst the invaluable learnings that can only be yielded from toilet flushing cat video's, sit many amazing educational short films that can help someone understand the basic principals of nearly any topic that exists.

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Driving Your Content Marketing Strategy Using Real Data From Real Visitors

Posted by Tom Pritchard on November 14, 2017


Data driven content marketing does not just happen. It takes research, assessment, and then a willingness to turn it into action. In particular‚ the effective combination of targeted data sourced from your field‚ and the ability to then utilise it with precision in a marketing campaign. That is data driven content marketing in a nutshell.

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Why is authenticity in digital marketing so important?

Posted by Tom Pritchard on November 8, 2017


As marketers, it’s easy to sometimes forget that we are dealing with real people. With sales targets to hit and the constant need to perform, we often fail to market for long term success and instead become overly transactional in our marketing.

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Topics: SEO, Thought Leader Piece

Google Partner Masterclass Sydney 2017

Posted by Tom Pritchard on October 18, 2017

Beat boxing DJ's, Canapés and enough khaki coloured cino's to fit out the staff wardrobe of Australia Zoo! Last Week, Skypoynt had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Google Partner Masterclass. Hosted at the trendy Carriageworks in Everligh, Sydney, the day provides an opportunity for Google Partner Agencies to come together to learn about the latest offerings from google in the digital marketing space.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Google

Simple SEO Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Posted by Tom Pritchard on December 4, 2015

In amongst your daily tasks of pouring over clients files, dashing from office to office and kicking goals, have you set aside much time for your digital marketing strategy; Specifically, how your business is represented online and it's search engine optimisation? (a.k.a SEO) 

The world is now online, customers search for services and when they need a business like yours they search online, mainly on Google. In order to maximize your exposure to new clients, your search ranking is a major factor.

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Topics: Firm, Law, SEO

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