Global Examples of SEO Success

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Global Examples of SEO Success

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Sometimes to inspire us we need to look to the awesome. SEO can be a mystery for a lot of people, at Skypoynt we aim to simplify and what better way than
to give you some real, productive examples of SEO in businesses throughout the world.

Sky News’ campaign aimed to bring breaking news into the PPC space by targeting users who searched for highly specific news stories.

This strategy taps into the potential of breaking news to generate big search volumes, and given that keywords are highly specific this means that costs
per click are priced relatively competitively.

Traffic generated from the campaign delivered 400% more inventory in page impressions than the average for other non-breaking news PPC ad campaigns.

The South African Tourist Board utilized Google Earth as part of an overall link-building strategy.

Google Earth it recreated a realistic representation of places, activities and destinations in South Africa and therefore increased the likelihood of conversion
through a high level of user engagement.

The site generated 130,000 visits and it’s Google pagerank increased from 0 to 4. Offline media has also shown an interest in the application, as it has
been featured in The Times

Nike Golf was able to increase their search traffic by over 148% by researching the types of things that users who were interested in were searching
online for. They were able to included these keywords in blogs, articles coming up up to main events.

The result of more traffic to the website was a 16% increase in immediate orders of tickets and merchandise when a new tour was announced.

Everyone’s SEO journey is different, it depends greatly on the environment, the state of your current technology and your adaptability to current search

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