Is my business online?

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Is my business online?

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In should be pretty obvious that your brand needs...dare I say, craves a digital presence. The question we should look at first is most likely...Well,
Tom, that’s a bold statement...Why should my business have a digital presence? Listen up!

What is this “online” you speak of? When we talk about being online we mean that a business has a digital presence, in that it has, more than likely, a
website. It may also have a Facebook page, a twitter account, an Instagram presence or a google+ page.

45% of businesses are online in Australia. On the flip side that means that there are businesses that are not online, 55%! MORE than those actually online.

Why bother with a website? Some people have a website just for the sake of it...this approach leads to a world of issues where you pay for something that
just doesn't fit right with your company brand ethos.

To get online properly, you must link in with your business mission, sometimes a business does not know it’s mission, it’s better to figure this out before
moving on with the website...will save a lot of time later, check out our post on working out your business mission right here:  

Your website then must contribute to your business mission. Different websites have different purposes.

If you are a mechanic, your website will be to catch people when they type in “Mechanics in Bankstown” or similar. Some of the most important things to
have on that website is the phone number, location and services of the business. If your business is a coaching/self development service, it’s important
to display the services that you offer and how people can get in touch with you. If you are a governmental website the shift changes to providing information
to people through the website and actually reduce the number of calls into the government department.

Really, being online should be a no brainer. We do our thinking and our shopping these days online and it’s important that your business is visible out

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