Where Should I Host My Website?

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Where Should I Host My Website?

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The question “Where should I host my website?”, is an important one for any website owner. The reason why it’s so important is that it is the basis from which your website is built on.

The decision for hosting can be based around cost and sure, there are limits and bandwidths to the amount you should pay. For sites like amazon & google
hosting costs will be significantly higher than a website for the local ice cream shop.

To demystify the whole hosting question, let’s take a look at what hosting actually is…

Hosting is the activity or business of providing storage space and access to websites. Your web host is often referred to as your “Server”. That’s
a little geek-speak translated there! (See our blog post on different types of hosting here.)

The best analogy we have for hosting in the real world is voice mail:

Think of your traditional home or office telephone service. If you have voice mail, rather than a physical answering machine (another soon-to-be relic), your custom greeting may be something like; “Hi, this is Tom. I’m not able to take your call right now…” This custom greeting is “hosted” with your phone company. That’s because there’s not an actual/physical answering machine at your home/office. Your greeting is actually sitting somewhere on a computer connected with the phone company.

Your website works much the same way. A third-party company hosts the information that you create for your website and makes it available for anyone else around the world to locate, visit, and browse.

Where does it go wrong?

When you start working with a website company, google traces your footprint via cookies. Even Facebook has the ability to track your website history now
as well. The google and Facebook ad networks know you are in the market for a new website and feed adverts to your news feeds and banner space on websites
you visit related to your new site. One of these ads will likely be for hosting for what looks like an extremely low price.

Without working out your hosting plan with a seasoned professional in the industry, your hosting, if not suitable for your website’s needs may cause the

  • Speed issues. (See our blog here on how fast your website should load.)
  • Down time.
  • Server malfunction.
  • Security issues.
  • Unclear responsibilities and points of contact.

At Skypoynt we believe that each business decision you make has an effect on the end user. Working with us to identify and procure the best level of hosting
for your website is key to the speed and up-time of your website.

In passing responsibility to your web design partner for concept, design, hosting, domain and maintenance you have one point of contact for all of the
above which will cut out a lot of confusion and save time if an issue ever arises.

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