Building a Comprehensive (and FREE) Digital Sales and Marketing System for Conveyancers

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Building a Comprehensive (and FREE) Digital Sales and Marketing System for Conveyancers

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Sounds like a load of BS right? Well it’s not. 

Here at Skypoynt (and dare I say many other digital marketing agencies), we leverage many free products. It’s an essential business practice - keeping the costs down in some areas, to add value to the services and the expertise clients actually pay for. It shouldn’t be any different for your Conveyancing or Property Law firm. 

OK, let's be 100% transparent, we get as excited about FREE stuff as any other small business. A small team needs all the help they can get, and FREE tools enable us to do our best with, and enhance, what we have. 


What is Hubspot? 

In one sentence: Hubspot is a software platform that enables your conveyancing firm to market and sell more effectively. Today’s cloud-based platform can help your business: 

  • Centralise your data
  • Align your sales and marketing (including your teams if you have them)
  • Facilitate and automate the sales process
  • Optimise your inbound marketing strategy by generating qualified leads more often
  • Increase ROI

 Hubspot History

Hubspot began in 2005 as a resource for marketers; offering tools and support for businesses getting started with inbound marketing. It developed into a cloud-based platform where all a business’s digital marketing could be kept - blogging and social media - to be accessed anywhere. 

Today, some of the tools to support sales, marketing and service that Hubspot includes are content creation, social media sharing, workflow management and automation, lead generation and capture, customer relationship management, mapping of the sales pipeline, and performance tracking and analysis. 

All seamlessly integrated for business growth, and to turn nurtured leads into happy customers. 



 The Benefits of Hubspot’s FREE Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Unlimited Users -  no limit to team access, so all your team can collaborate in the one place. 
  • Central Database - up to a million contacts and companies can be stored in the platform. No more spreadsheets, piles of business cards or fractured LinkedIn connections. 
  • Gmail (and Outlook) Integration - Having your email and contacts in the same place is a no-brainer. Team conversations with clients and leads can be stored, and email scheduling can be enabled. Personalise emails and send in bulk to  groups of your contacts or all of them at once to nurture relationships. 
  • Live Chat for your Website - that captures your lead data 24 hours a day. 
  • Manage your relationships - the CRM integrates with the sales, marketing and customer service tools. Management in one place makes everyone’s job easier and increases overall productivity. Seamless collaboration and client contact with no more silos. 
  • Insights - Hubspot’s CRM powers the Content Management System (CMS) so you can see how users and clients are interacting with your website and content. 
  • Scalability - the CRM fits and grows with the size of your firm, It’s easy to implement in a small operation or for managing thousands of contacts. 

While there is so much more to the Hubspot CRM, the above key points should be giving you a whole lot of FOMO by now. If not, the power of the FREE Marketing and Sales offerings of this beast should help. 



 Hubspot Marketing Hub 

Hubspot offers an extensive and seamless content creation tool for your everything -  blogs, emails, social media and website pages. Some other key offerings: 

  • Capture more leads to grow your database; think forms, landing pages, live chat and bots for data capture twenty-four-seven
  • Social media organisation and scheduling. 
  • Email marketing and reply tracking. 
  • CTAs (calls-to-action) that provide in-depth tracking of click-through rates and other metrics and KPIs. 
  • Ad-Management tools to attract more leads. 

Hubspot Sales Hub 

Hubspot’s Sales Hub was designed with the inbound marketing methodology in mind. See what leads visit your site, on what pages, and how often. The Sales hub syncs with the CRM so you can see the status of all your deals; won, lost or still in play. 

  • Nurture your qualified leads with automated workflows and email sequencing. 
  • Scheduled meetings - let potential clients pick their own meeting times. 
  • Reporting dashboards to give you all the sales team data in one place 
  • Pipeline management - customise for the unique needs of your buyers (and your sales team). 


What’s wrong with other CRMs? 

Well - nothing. They are all purpose-built and have a specific focus. 

This article is advocating for Hubspot, outlining why it’s a great choice for conveyancers and property lawyers. It's about why we use it and recommend it. 

The “Showdown” blog is a series of CRM comparative blogs that I found interesting. Yes, Six & Flow are also a digital marketing agency, but far enough away for us not to be too concerned about and they are good at their stuff. And, they go right down to the nuts and bolts of Hubspot Vs SalesForce - so I don't have to. 

What’s Important When Considering a CRM? 

Great question! We know from experience that it’s beneficial for conveyancers to have all their contacts, documents, and business information in a central place, so these are the elements we consider critical for best practice for your firm. 

  • The Cost - many CRMs charge by users on a monthly subscription basis. 
  • Database Size - managing large contacts bases with the clients and everyone else you deal with on a daily basis, means you need a strategy for cleanups and updates. Hubspot can be customised for automated cleanup. 
  • Sales Process - complexity and definition of your conveyancing sales process will determine your choice. We know that Hubspot works with the conveyancing process; access to deals, pipelines, tasks, and documents, and Gmail and Office integration is a perfect match. 
  • Marketing Tools - How do you market to your existing clients, and how do you attract new clients? Connection to emails, forms that are embedded on your website, landing pages and blogs, and connection to your socials and Ads enable detailed and customised tracking. 
  • Reporting - KPIs and metrics govern the way we work, including our sales and marketing processes. What would we do without a dashboard; the ultimate tool to see complex data in one simple place? Hubspot's dashboard template library is more than enough to create your data for sharing with the team or with your high level firm executives. 
  • Support and Resources - just quietly this is one of my clinchers. Learning how to operate a CRM can be a little tricky - we need help, and by that I don’t just mean pages and pages of PDF instructions, and a slow ticketing system that sorts out your issues 48 hours later. I’ve had experience with SalesForce - so I can say that EMPHATICALLY! Hubspot’s 24 hour support access, and Hubspot Academy can have you up and running in a few hours. 

No BS! Really! Amazing courses and certifications to help you operate the system and build your skills across the marketing, sales and service spectrums. Winner!!!!

Is Hubspot Really FREE? 

Absolutely! Much of Hubspot’s fundamental functionality is free, albeit some of the elements come with discreet Hubspot branding until you get really serious. 

Its free CRM subscription offers contact management, deals, tasks and activities, company insights, forms, Gmail and Outlook integration, ticketing and much more


Then it offers subscriptions for extensions or upgrades on it’s functionality across 3 tiers: Starter, Professional and Enterprise. The tiers are offered across all of the above systems. All come with one on one support, increased contact limits, removal of branding and countless other features and benefits. 

Building A System for Your Conveyancing Services. 

What’s that saying? Do more than work in your business, you also need to work on your business. 

Now is a perfect time to get your digital sales and marketing system in place. Most financial and real estate industry experts are saying 2022 is expected to be a tough year for the housing market, with things settling, and a correction phase in 2023.

Imagine getting in front of the uptake of searches looking for expert conveyancers in your area. That’s where we can help! 

Skypoynt’s Conveyancer Growth Program is geared for Conveyancing services, and we have years of experience honing it. We’d love the opportunity to work with you. 

At the time of publishing this blog - we are offering 50% off our service fee for 3 months if you partner with us before the end of 2021. 

Want to know more? Book a free Conveyance Partner Eligibility Assessment with Tom Pritchard or contact him on 1300 633 086 or 0433 496 708. 

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