5 Things Killing your Customer’s Experience.

Jay Whitelock

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5 Things Killing your Customer’s Experience.

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There are a number of areas we could all improve on when it comes to customer experience. It’s an ever evolving environment, one that we regularly ignore after we have set up a process that the customer takes part in on their journey with us. Taking a little time to understand that things change and adopting processes to the advantage of your customer could raise your bottom line.

Only making change when alerted to an issue. One of the biggest points of customer experience is that it doesn't have to be an all out disaster before a customer will complain. That said every person is different, some may not even complain they might just drop out of your sales process. The trick is to get to the problem before it becomes a problem. regular user experience testing is key here...not sure how to do it, be your own mystery shopper for an hour, find out how easy it is to work with you as a business.

Your marketing department and customer service department don’t talk to each other. These days your marketing department can learn from the feedback gained from social media channels. The customer support requirement of a brand is the customer experience department. The marketing department can learn from the customer service department to find out what people don’t like about the product, assuredly this provides insight into the opposite, what they really want.

Sticking to your guns. When faced with a procedural issue and an unhappy customer, sticking to your guns can be the worst kind of experience you can provide. You and your employees should feel empowered to get satisfaction for the customer, or at least meet them half way if you really cannot just grant their request. There is nothing so upsetting than being refused a reasonable request because of procedure.

Not valuing people in your customer service efforts. If you leave people out in the cold by making it nearly impossible for them to get in touch with you when there is an issue....expect to fail. People trust businesses to be there on the channel of their choice if something goes wrong for any reason. If you do not facilitate this for your consumer base in a reasonable manner, it's like saying you don't care about your customers.

And finally... On a website, broken links, code or badly thought out navigation. Why make your audience work harder than they should have to get the information they need. You are their sole port of call when it comes to a solution and to put blockers in their way before they complete their transaction will...yep you guessed it, go somewhere else.

There you have it, 5 actionable points of note in terms of customer experience for the modern day business. We are always open to a chat about your requirements at , get in touch today.

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