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Content Marketing for Conveyancers & Property Lawyers

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These days online consumers are smart and don’t respond well to smarmy sales pitches per se. Content marketing is about convincing people that you are the right conveyancer for their property transaction by pitching your firm without actually, well, pitching your firm.

We are going to take a bit of deep dive into the content marketing world for conveyancers. We’ll cover: 

What is Content Marketing? 

It’s about creating and sharing valuable content that attracts and retains your target audience, by giving them free information - or something - useful that benefits them. It’s not about your product or service - it’s about the customer. Content marketing is more about describing the process of attracting, engaging with and delighting your customer. 

Your content should demonstrate authenticity and offer evidence that you are an authority in your field. Providing credible information and content about your industry offers expertise for your firm. Potential conveyancing clients aren’t looking for just your service, they will be looking for supporting information around the process, that offers trust. 

The relevant, supporting content and information you offer should reach your audience as part of their journey. Organic versus being disruptive. 

Offering a complete holistic solution to support them through one of the biggest transactions of their lifetime, will also ensure you are attracting the right clients for your firm. 

The most effective content marketing should achieve these hits: 

  • Establish thought leadership and expertise in all things conveyancing - especially in your local area
  • Increase brand awareness and/or loyalty 
  • Create an online community
  • Generate leads for your firm, and hopefully sales or conversions

    Conveyancing-narrative-and storytelling-for content-marketing-image

Why Content Marketing Matters for Conveyancing Firms

There’s a lot of noise online, and content marketing is a way to set yourself apart from other conveyancers in your demographic. 

It also offers a wide reach, is cost-effective, and can increase organic search rankings. It’s foolish to underestimate the role that great content plays in your overall marketing strategy. 

It also gives you an opportunity to put a positive foot forward when potential clients are researching everything conveyancing, including the best firm to engage with. Offering free, relevant, current information and resources for users, also goes a long way to establishing a robust, authoritative and trustworthy digital presence. 

If you aren’t creating and sharing content for your audience across their platforms of choice, you can be sure your competitors are, and you’re missing out. 

5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Critical for Success for your Firm. 

If you’re still not convinced, we thought we’d spell it out more officially. So, we undertook a little research and sifted through all the content marketing noise online to present some commonalities among the ‘experts’. These are our best 5 reasons to convince you that content marketing is critical for your success. 


  • Essential for Lead Generation.

Privacy issues and regulations have damaged the outbound marketing premise, reducing the effect of direct marketing such as email campaigns. These days it’s more about inbound marketing. Putting ourselves and compelling content out there, that gives users what they need, to attract them to us. 

  • Enhances a Longer Customer Journey 

Conveyancing clients will no longer see an ad and just commit. The buyer journey is longer now; potential clients will seek out information about what they need to have in place and other information about the conveyancing process and other important facts. The beauty of content marketing is that you can create content that’s relevant to any phase of the buyer journey, and nurture those leads.

  • Necessary for Understanding Customers 

Mass marketing is limited these days. It doesn’t wash in the landscape of buyer personas, customer journeys and targeted marketing. Created content is important for target engagement. Your tracked content can be analysed, tested and refined for precise marketing to your target audience at exactly the right time they need it. 

  • Google (and other search engines) 

Quality content that answers a query for users ranks higher for Google and other search engines. Keywords are still important, but as Google's algorithms consistently improve a user's experience, its’ crawlers now look for great content that solves the user’s intent. Website quality and authority are more important than keyword matching. 

  • Word-Of-Mouth

Sure we still talk to each other about great experiences, but these days we also share it to our digital community, on all our socials, mostly immediately - right from our smartphones. Online word-of-mouth is an extension of the ‘old-fashioned’ kind. Great content allows more opportunities to share and discuss, for your brand to be passed on. Remember, some of those viral videos, that get passed around for years, started somewhere. 

7 Compelling Statistics about Content Marketing 

There’s a myriad of statistics out there to compel you that engaging in content marketing is critical for your conveyancing firm, which supports the above reasons. Here are just some of them. 

Content Marketing Statistics 2022 Skypoynt Image 3

Further statistics if you are interested - and where we drew our data from - are available at Ahrefs and Hubspot

What Types of Content Marketing Work for Conveyancers? 

Remember you are trying to educate and offer information about the conveyancing process and everything else around it that matters to your potential customers. Examples of Content Marketing for Conveyancers Skypoynt Graphic 2


Industry News & Updates - The conveyancing industry is going through changes, especially with the introduction of eConveyancing, and the pending introduction of further digital efficiencies for the process. Keeping your potential clients - and even current clients - up-to-date on critical information in this space is an example of content that you can develop. You can also keep potential customers abreast of news from your geographic area, new schools and commercial facilities in an area can be just the thing to attract someone that wasn’t previously interested in the suburb. 

eBooks, Checklists & How-to Guides - Information around certain areas of the processes your clients will be undertaking, and directives on expectations for them can demonstrate authority, giving potential clients assurance that you are the firm for them. Remember also, all of your in-depth quality information doesn’t have to hide behind forms either, it’s often more valuable to offer information for free. See our Landing Pages for Conveyancers Guide as an example. 

Infographics - are a good way to give them statistics about your successes, conveyancing activities in your area, or other related data - like our content marketing stats above. Canva and similar programs are user friendly, and only take a little practice to develop professional-looking graphics, that can be created in your brand style and colour palette. 

Videos - In the last few years, video marketing has across the board for many marketers been stated as the format that offers the best ROI. Sure you may have to outsource it, or perhaps someone in your team is crafty enough with their smartphone to create short videos. They are a great way to convey complex information, so it’s well worth looking into. Think about presenting your customer reviews this way. We've created a comprehensive article on Why Video Marketing is Good for Conveyancers, that takes you through the steps of creating your video assets, and the fundamentals of publishing them

Blogs - Blog about what your potential customers want to know. What questions do they ask most commonly? Ensure you include evergreen content in your blogs, and link to relevant sources to support and enhance your content. 

Images - People relate to images, and sure video is great, but images can still paint a thousand words. Images complement and enhance great text, so include them where you can. Just ensure they are named correctly and include relevant meta-descriptions for search engines to find. 

Case Studies - We all love a good success story, and case studies keep it real. Speak to your current and past clients, and tell a story about their journey through their property transaction with your firm. Include quotes from the client and images - but keep away from giving away too much private info, or seek permission. 

FAQs - answer the common questions that your potential clients ask about your conveyancing firm, and give them more. Equipping your potential clients with knowledge instils trust and confidence. See why FAQs are beneficial for conveyancer marketing

Testimonials & Reviews - Using your testimonials to your advantage, even the not so good ones (as if you have them!) can be used to demonstrate trust and professionalism. A good place to start also for your case studies. 

User-generated Content - Officially this is any form of content such as images, video, text or audio that has been posted by users online, such as on social platforms. Sharing this content to your own platforms is a great way to spread the word about your firm, without having to do - well - anything. 

Social Media Snippets - Taking strong messages or small parts from larger content can be extremely beneficial on social media and can be used to draw their attention to your more valuable content. Any format can work in this space, including testimonials and reviews. 

Stories/About Us - Does one of your team members have extensive experience in the area, or your firm have a worthy historical story to share? We found this example of a great story. Evergreen content is a great way to exhibit continued authority and success in the conveyancing industry. 

Tips for Creating and Posting Great Conveyancing Content 

Your focus should be on making your content valuable, useful and easy to digest. These guidelines can apply to blog posts, as well as videos, infographics and other evergreen content. 

  1. Keep it simple - your clients are not likely conveyancers or lawyers, so write clearly, and organise it simply with short sentences and layman's language. Educate, spell it out, and don’t confuse them with jargon. 
  2. Be specific and comprehensive - keep away from padding out your content with useless stuff. If you are outlining what documents are required, include checklists and examples where necessary. Give them as much information as they need to make their journey smoother. 
  3. Avoid language that dates your content - use references that are specific such as ‘in 2020 ‘  or ‘Tuesday, 25th April. Don't use relative language such as ‘last year’ or ‘on Tuesday’. If you are going to write something about an upcoming event or webinar in the future, delete it or automate it to delete or turn off post-event. 
  4. Make it skimmable - as you can see by our infographic only 27% of users actually read content fully. So ensure you use bullet points, bold headings and white space to allow users to find what they need and read it easily. 

Content Optimisation: Best Practice for Conveyancers 

Content marketing is not complete until you develop a content optimisation process. Continuous improvement of your content’s relevancy and quality makes it easier for your target audience to find you. We have other resources on our site that goes into comprehensive detail about SEO practices for conveyancing firms to ensure that you are hitting the mark. 

Content optimisation is a process, not a fix. It’s ongoing, to meet the changing requirements of search engines, and changing needs and queries of your target markets. Fundamentally though you’ll need to ensure the following: 

  • Your website structure is clear, your content valuable,  and the structure is organised.
  • Your website and content have a central theme that ties everything together
  • Webpages and content need to have clarity and quality
  • Depth over breadth offers a focus to your content that will assist with keywords and phrases
  • Multiple themes (if you do more than conveyancing) mean even more decipherable organisation and structure, and keeping your content and keywords relevant. 


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If you want some further in-depth insight into content and content marketing for your conveyancing firm we recommend the following: 

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