Is it Time to Update Your Digital Systems? This is What We Know!

Deb Turney

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Is it Time to Update Your Digital Systems? This is What We Know!

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Long gone are the days when there was the big ugly cage that housed the monstrous server with more decks and cables than you could count sitting in the office. Today that software is housed in the cloud and accessed through a web browser on any device you want, or as many as you want. 

If any of the following scenarios are happening in your workplace - it’s probably a sign that it’s time for an upgrade of your systems:

  • Double handling - of data and information input
  • Legacy software - difficult to abandon
  • Different systems that don’t talk to each other
  • Spending too long preparing reports - manually getting data from different platforms
  • Using spreadsheets for stock control
  • Too much time doing admin and not doing the ‘real work’ 

In these challenging times of Covid-19 and the ensuing pandemic, with many of us working from home, the need to be able to function remotely to keep the wheels of your business running is critical. If you haven’t looked at your software capabilities and getting the most out of them, now is the time. 

The added bonus is that much of that software comes with a high level of cyber security instilled; so is perfect for staff working remotely now and ongoing. But there’s more… 

What Are The Benefits?

  • No infrastructure - zero! IT infrastructure is handled by the SaaS vendor, so you don’t have to worry about what platform or system supports which system, that’s all handled by the vendor. 
  • Affordable. There are lower costs all around; lower maintenance costs and they are mainly sold on monthly subscriptions, which means no expensive upfront costs. 
  • Seamless Upgrades. You will always have up-to-date software, as your SaaS provider handles it, so no reconfigurations or patches. 
  • Quick to Deploy & Work Anywhere. There is no lag time to access the software, all you need is a web browser and internet access. This means also that it’s mobile and you can work anywhere you have a browser and internet. 
  • Backups and Data Recovery. Backup is automated without user intervention, which means higher data integrity. 

The best reason, by far,  for assessing your SaaS stack in your business is the ability it can give SMEs scalability and flexibility. The ability to add new applications, upgrade and add features enables greater flexibility in business operations, and these businesses will always hold a competitive advantage. 

The SaaS model that encourages flexibility also supports scalability. With the ability to see the real time picture of the business, opportunities can be identified for growth. SaaS allows businesses to scale to meet that growth without the cost of infrastructure or added IT costs. 

You will have a clearer snapshot of your business at any given time, and the ability to forecast and plan more effectively. 

Streamlining your systems, will also allow you more time to spend on your customers, business, and increasing sales. 

At Skypoynt, we specialise in the integration of your systems to enable you more time to do your job. We will take one or more of your subsystems and merge them into 1 multi-performing system to assimilate data and maximise workflow and data transparency. 

An assessment of your systems starts with a 15 minute phone call which you can book online at a time of your choice.

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