Covid-19 Gives Us Time to Look our SEO Opportunities

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Covid-19 Gives Us Time to Look our SEO Opportunities

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Everything is changing daily, there are new updates and directives daily. Covid-19 is upon us and the world is currently in very uncertain times; bouncing from panic to confusion to amazement at the speed to which our lives are changing. We don’t know what’s going to come next.

The one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that we get through this pandemic together, and maintain respect for ourselves and each other. (If only the hoarders thought about that right?)

Whatever is happening, we will be looking at a “new normal” when the dust settles. Much of the social and business practices that we used pre-Covid-19 will have been rethought and it will be difficult to return to them.

We are seeing many businesses already shutting their doors, and many companies won’t recover. The businesses that have the ability to survive the downturn and strategically plan, will definitely be poised to bounce back faster. Taking some time now to look at some strategies for post Covid-19, and taking the opportunity in the downtime to investigate, well, some SEO opportunities that you can begin to work on.

Keyword Rankings & Google Search Console

Demand is drastically shifting, therefore search interest, and user intent of individual enquiries are likely to change too. By monitoring Google Search Console and other third-party tools for keyword changes a little closer than normal you’ll be able to change your own approach.

Build Up Your Content

This pandemic is causing consumers to search and behave differently as does their behaviour. Use the time to get writing. Top and mid-funnel content should be your priority to draw the consumer in. It might not convert, but it will gain interest in you and your service or business. When the time is right, you can release your content and get ahead of the competition.

Consider New Content Strategies

Sometimes bad things happen that force us to change for the better. People are spending more time streaming and watching things like YouTube right now, so perhaps video content is something that can work for you and your business.

Use your previously developed content that gained good traffic and repurpose it into video, to take advantage of the current audience.

Data, data, data..

When it comes to Google you will have more data to work with, as more people are using it. You may even see an increase in traffic to your site, depending on your industry, which may or may not turn into leads or sales, but the data can still offer some great insights. Is your traffic different from 2 months ago? What pages are gaining the most traction?

Perhaps it’s time to do a deep dive into your website, or run a heat map and look at other data collection methods?

Look For & Hire Great SEO Talent

This may be the time to gain some great talent for your business, as unfortunately some businesses close their doors and staff will be looking for work.

Get active on LinkedIn, and keep your eyes on who’s looking for work. Some people may also approach you for work if you look like you are in the position to hire.

Even if you aren’t hiring, this is a great time to make connections, and start conversations that may be mutually beneficial on the other side of this crisis.

You can even take it global to help our international friends, by looking at platforms such as Upwork.

Next Financial Year

We aren’t far off, and we don’t know how long this situation will last. 2 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months; nobody knows. Whatever, it’s still going to be sometime before the economic outlook brightens, so look at your numbers now. Look at moving ahead and how your business can leverage and rebound when we come out of the fog.

Google Trends: Get Researchy

Check out Google Trends and look at what people are searching for; new questions and topics about your industry. Using the trends around your industry, create your content around these topics. When the world re-opens for business proper, you’ll have content to go. With the correct content, and becoming a resource that people needed, you will improve your SEO and increase traffic.

Use Your Time Smartly

You have the opportunity to improve your SEO on many levels, aside from content. Check your website and update, review, revamp, restructure, increase user experience. If you can’t do it, perhaps outsource to help someone else earn some cash. BUT there are numerous outlets that offer free access to help SEOs improve knowledge.

Final Point

Don’t stop your SEO efforts, Covid-19 is causing enough distress. Taking the time, while we have the time now, is the key to moving forward with a positive outlook, regardless of how your data looks.

We wish for a great recovery, but you’ll certainly be hearing from us through these challenging times with tips and tricks to assist you in many aspects and strategies for your business.




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