Dental Patients: Attraction Vs Retention

Deb Turney

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Dental Patients: Attraction Vs Retention

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Patient retention for a practice can be determined by many things; people move, they don’t like what they hear, or they just don’t align with or like the practitioner.Let’s face it, the bygone times of yesteryear when families have the same doctors and dentists for life are gone. We have clinics in every suburb, that we can just ‘drop’ into.

While attracting new patients is important, it’s expensive, but the average spend of a repeat patient can be around 67% more than what gaining a new patient costs.

There are further statistics on the value of patient retention, but retaining patients means taking a good look at your practice operations. One of the key things you can do to maintain your healthy client database is be in touch and stay in touch.

Communication equals connection

In your practice, your patients are customers just like any other business, and the patient experience has become critical to attract and keep clients. One of the main reasons why patients leave a practitioner is lack of contact in between visits.

The right software integration is critical for patient communications:

  • Patients can have the ability to book their own appointments, get reminders and receive follow up communications. The patient and the business can stay on top of and ahead of appointment times.
  • Keeping in touch by automated newsletters will educate, inform and engage your patients
  • All staff can be in direct contact with clients.
  • Enable two-way communications directly between the practice/dentist and the patient. Surveys have shown that when patients concerns are heard, and they can provide feedback it enhances their experience.

If your patients feel that they are valued and are involved in their outcomes, they will be more likely to stay with your business. By making the process more streamlined, you are saving your patients (and clinic’s) time, and the experience is easy and in some cases enjoyable.

Retention & Integration Benefits to your Practice

Happy patients mean busy practice. But the rollon effects from improving your software integration and the customer experience and retention is two-fold. From a practitioner and practice perspective, the benefits can include:

  • Streamlined administrative process and improvements of the in-office experience
  • Monitor and manage clearer communication for your online reputation.
  • Enable clarity of the financial and operational status of your practice
  • Identify and enable business growth through scalable integration and improved online presence.

Skypoynt works with Dental Practices for software integration and digital growth. Through our Software Stack Assessment, we can help your practice improve efficiencies and maximise your patient retention abilities.


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