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Digital Marketing Strategy Tips for Property Lawyers for 2022

Deb Turney

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Digital Marketing Strategy Tips for Property Lawyers for 2022

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The New Normal brings New Opportunities

2021 saw the property market have a very interesting year. Low-interest rates and escalating property prices that saw records broken not once but twice in the 12 month period have kept all property lawyers and conveyancers on their toes.

As a digital marketing agency with experience working with conveyancers and property lawyers, our Skypoynt team understands that from November to February can be the most pivotal period for any business, including conveyancing firms. We also know that lawyers generally don’t typically perceive marketing as a strategic business driver. 

Sure, you are likely overwhelmed by market research, housing industry news and your own second-quarter data and metrics, but it’s also a good time to take stock of where you want to be in 2022. With e-conveyancing regulations and reforms set to roll out from early 2022, it’s the perfect time to look at your digital marketing strategy and tools and how they can improve your position in the market. 


Looking ahead to 2022, what's on the wish list for your firm? Whether it’s generating new business, engaging with your current customers, or establishing a reputation as an industry thought leader, your digital marketing strategy is one of the best weapons you can have in play to achieve that. 

We have the conveyancing partnerships to prove it, so let’s look at why it’s so important for conveyancers and property lawyers to embrace digital marketing. 

Reasons to Embrace Digital Marketing for your Firm

While we aren’t experts in your field, we do work with conveyancers, so we know about about the benefits. These are the compelling arguments we are putting forward to convince you that a digital marketing strategy is vital to help you stand out from the competition post-pandemic. 

We aren’t just talking about getting your brand or firm in front of potential clients, we are talking about the seamless user experience that other industries are already adopting. 

  • Conveyancing is an industry experiencing change - we mentioned the 2022 e-conveyancing rollout earlier. Preparation for those changes should mean the adoption of digital tools that will integrate your systems, and give you optics on data and analytics that will talk to and streamline your digital marketing strategy. 
  • Buying and/or selling property is one of the largest transactions that a person may undertake in their lifetime. The new generation coming through, with younger buyers, are digitally adept, demanding even. They will be more responsive and comfortable with getting their information and connecting with professionals online for the process than their parents were. It makes sense that the process is as simple and seamless as it can be. 
  • Information and education. Let’s be honest, unless a person has actually been through a property transaction, they know very little about the conveyancing process. Sure that’s where you come in, but this is also where you can set yourself up to be an industry expert or authority on the subject. Website content and media can offer tips and information for consumers and related businesses, that help and guide them about documentation, their rights, parts of the process, expectations and reality can set you aside as a trustworthy expert. 
  • Demographics and locality  We know that if we are buying a house on the Gold Coast, we are not going to hire a conveyancer in Melbourne. You are local experts working with councils in your local government areas. To be able to put yourself out in front of the competition in your local area is one of the smartest decisions you could make for your firm. There are free and paid digital marketing tools to help you shine in your area and locality of expertise. 


3 Key Ways to Kick Start your 2022 Digital Marketing Strategy 

Digital marketing optimally is an ongoing process as your firm reacts to updated digital products and platforms to benefit your strategy. However, there are a few things you can engage in to set up that process. 

Content Optimization for SEO 

Users searching for conveyancing or property law services also search for legal advice surrounding their specific situation and the process. Your reach to these users can be improved by content such as FAQs, blogs, articles and resources on your site that answer potential clients queries through Google and other search engines. 

Researching the gaps where the information is lacking for potential conveyancing clients, and attracting them with relevant information and content can often be the first step to ensuring they engage your services. It also assists search engines to rank you for expertise, authority and trustworthiness in your industry. 

Paid Search (PPC) Advertising 

A well-executed SEO campaign is a slow burn process and can be complemented by a more urgent or instantaneous paid search campaign. Effectively as your organic SEO improves over time, your need to engage in paid search advertising should become less intense. Google Search Ads particularly have amazing benefits for your firm. 

  • Fast to Execute. It only takes a few hours to set up and run an effective PPC Search Ads campaign for your conveyancing service to show up in user search using keywords you want to target. 
  • Targeted. The beauty of paid search is that they attract potential clients searching for your specific service or advice. Targeting also applies to your goals - increased awareness of your brand, gaining more converted clients, or expansion of your database call all be achieved with PPC ads. More comprehensive targeting can be achieved through location, device, language, scheduling times and other factors, including personas
  • Optimisation Ability. All aspects of your ads are flexible to customisation and optimisation. Starting at the keywords you are targeting, through to your ad extensions and landing pages - it’s all customisable for your firm’s brand and goals. 
  • Cost-Effective. If you are a smaller firm with a small marketing budget, the good news is that because of the flexibility of the ads, paid search is a great option, as there is no minimum spend required. You only pay when users click on your ad, and you control the factors that make that ad relevant to those users. 
  • Measured Results and Analytics. Connecting your campaigns to a Google Analytics account means you can measure everything to see what works and what doesn’t. It can track what keywords work, where your clients are coming from, and how long they stay on your site. Everything you need to ensure that your campaigns are on track and optimised. It’s A/B testing genius. 

Skypoynt has been working with conveyancers in this area for over 5 years and we’ve had a lot of success. We recommend you do some investigation for your own firm in the area of PPC Advertising and talk to us if you think we can help.

Targeted Landing Pages - The Best First Impression for Your Firm.

All your digital marketing activities are about getting people to your website, so you need to ensure that your landing pages are targeted to the queries of your users. You don’t want someone searching for conveyancing services and information getting distracted by your disputes and litigation pages. 

There are umpteen types of landing pages, but the ones we recommend for conveyancers should offer one or both of the following functions. 

  • Lead Generation - usually containing a contact information form, so you capture the data and follow up on those leads. 
  • Opt-In - aka lead magnet. Offers the user ‘free’ information or downloads for entering their email address, and perhaps other variables. Your CRM then automatically remits their reward, and you gain a lead. 

5 Elements to a Winning Landing Page - Unbounce-image

The Key Elements of a Winning Landing Page

At Skypoynt, we follow the best practices as recommended by the experts. 

The above image outlines Unbounce recommendations for the 5 key elements of a successful landing page. We won’t even attempt to explain it better than the Unbounce team, but as indicated in the image, they recommend (and we agree) it must include these undeniable factors. 

  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Engaging hero shot - illustration or image
  • Clear compelling benefits of your service
  • Social proof such as your Google reviews or client testimonials
  • Strategically placed and strong call to action (CTA) 

Learn more: Landing Pages for Conveyancing Firms 

Download Our Landing Page Guide

Remember It’s Not About You - It’s About Them. 

Sure,  any type of digital marketing should sell your conveyancing services, and fit the purpose of your strategic goals, but you won’t get anywhere if it’s not attractive to the user, and you aren’t offering them an answer or solution to their needs. 

Potential clients don’t care what you do, they care about what you can do for them. Everything you should offer and convey needs to be geared toward communicating how the user can benefit from the relationship with your firm’s services. 

We offer a fully tailored service package for your conveyancing firm, and it’s exclusively offered to only one business in any given LGA. If you like what you hear and think we can help, contact us for more information in a no-obligation one on one with our director below. 

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