Driving Your Content Marketing Strategy Using Real Data From Real Visitors

Tom Pritchard

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Driving Your Content Marketing Strategy Using Real Data From Real Visitors


Data driven content marketing does not just happen. It takes research, assessment, and then a willingness to turn it into action. In particular‚ the effective combination of targeted data sourced from your field‚ and the ability to then utilise it with precision in a marketing campaign. That is data driven content marketing in a nutshell.

This sounds straightforward, but like many pursuits in life, ‘beginning is easy, mastery is hard’. Fortunately, we here at Skypoynt are here to help you. We’re passionate about marketing, and data driven content marketing is foundational to our field.

By effectively utilising data in a content marketing strategy, a website can maintain its existing audience, and grow it substantially over time. While data driven content marketing is not the only avenue in which marketing can be done - it is a big field after all! - it is the only way to build an audience with targeted precision. This’ll always beat our hunches and ‘let’s try’ marketing.

As a result, data driven content marketing is best thought of as more of a science, rather than pure marketing alone. And‚ with a recent survey showing just 43 per cent of B2C marketers felt they had a clear understanding of the success of their campaigns‚ it's clear it's greater growth is essential to providing clear and actionable outcomes.

It’s also cost-effective. With 88% of companies having reported the use of data acquired via third party in their business‚ the capacity for an agency to grow more powerful and affordable in their services is considerable - provided it's done with a real understanding of data driven content marketing‚ and how to use it effectively in-house.

Let’s look now a little more in-depth at how this is done, using the example of Google’s Adwords program.


Why AdWords? Wouldn't I be better off looking at an my Analytics Dashboard?


Many people discount it compared to tools like Analytics/Analytics 360, but the reporting features of Google Adwords are really useful for any business seeking to find out what questions website visitors were asking to have them land on your website. Owned and operated by Google, the effective use of Adwords can be the difference between your business doing just OK, versus being a real success online. Central to effective data driven content marketing, is the use of an effective Adwords search term report as an audience insight tool.

Each platform these days has it's own insight suite with it's own focus when it comes to your audience's demographics, behaviours or traits. For example, linkedin have only recently released their own demographic insight tool that aims to look more at the industries and businesses of people who interact with your site, as opposed to their intent or query.


Identifying 'Signal Data' and Trends in the Search Term Report


By providing exactly what the visitors who clicked on your ads searched for, the Adwords search term report is invaluable to helping you determine what marketing strategies are proving effective, and what questions you might not be answering yet.

If you have already been practicing data driven content marketing, the Adwords report may show that there is a sudden increase of people interacting with your ads after searching for information about Attribution and Modelling. This is when your team should be looking at the content currently available from your business and making sure that there are, or will be soon content produced around Attribution. It may also show trends in keyword popularity, or changes in the language used when searching, to name a few things that Tom and myself have noticed while reviewing a clients AdWords account. Once an initial assessment has been done, it's time to act.


Analyse, Optimise and Repeat


There is an old and useful adage that finds new meaning today with Google Adwords, "to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. Good data driven content marketing is not about having all the information so you never need to change anything. Instead, it is about knowing how to seek out and verify reliable information about what your audience wants to know, analysing the results and then using them to continually optimise your content strategy.


Too often online business operators make the mistake of thinking change is dangerous and ill-advised. In reality the opposite is the case. When Adwords is used effectively, an online business can expect a strong conversion on ads. In order to do that, instituting changes based upon the data Adwords provides is vital.


Sure, it is important to show patience. Yet, it’s equally important to take an agile approach to your Adwords campaigns. Taking the time to identify where your audience is engaging with your website, what information they’re looking for, and what ads get their attention is vital. This all starts with your Adwords report.


Then, having the ability to respond quickly to data through your marketing strategy is also vital. Overall, good data driven content marketing is built upon being considered, precise, and planned. Yet, now and then the data shall present to you an opportunity to act quickly to maximise a campaign’s impact, and this is also an important use of data in your marketing. Be sure you’ve a organisation structure that allows for the speedy turnaround of a campaign when essential.


It won’t happen overnight but it will happen


“It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.” That is the tagline from an old classic 1990’s shampoo ad that still racks up respectable hits on YouTube today. Our hairstyles and views on haircare may well have changed drastically since then - so too our collections of hammer pants, roller blades, and ripped denim jeans - but this adage is an important one to keep in mind.


Ultimately, no matter how good your SEO and social media strategy, patience must serve as a cornerstone of your online brand. By no means does this suggest you shouldn’t look to seize upon an opportunity as it arises, nor put to rest any idea you could create content that goes viral. It is just also important to avoid chopping and changing from one keyword or strategy to another.




Build a plan based on data, implement that plan with content marketing, and results will follow. This is the foundation of data driven content marketing. Yet, it is important to also recognise data driven content marketing is not a strategy to implement once, but perpetually. This may sound obvious, but many businesses overlook the fact it must be an ongoing and responsive strategy.


Like a river that can flow into many directions, it is not always easy to see where exactly your marketing is targeted unless you step back and assess regularly. Do this consistently, and do this effectively, and your business shall reap the rewards time and time again in the online economy.


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