Google Partner Masterclass Sydney 2017

Tom Pritchard

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Google Partner Masterclass Sydney 2017

Digital Marketing | Google

Beat boxing DJ's, Canapés and enough khaki coloured cino's to fit out the staff wardrobe of Australia Zoo! Last Week, Skypoynt had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Google Partner Masterclass. Hosted at the trendy Carriageworks in Everligh, Sydney, the day provides an opportunity for Google Partner Agencies to come together to learn about the latest offerings from google in the digital marketing space.

The theme for the day was artificial intelligence and machine learning and how the rise of these technologies will impact the agencies of the future.

Being my second Masterclass, I arrived with a certain expectation that I was about to be apart of a sort-of 5 hour product advertorial for Adwords. However, refreshingly, the keynote which was delivered by Dave Booth from US based agency and fellow Google Partner, Cardinal Path. Dave focussed on how Agencies could leverage and apply these new technologies to their day to day activities, and delivered his talk showing a keen knowledge of the space and an engaging attitude that kept the whole room enthralled, despite the potentially dry subject matter.

The day was a confirmation that agencies need to invest in their understanding of new technologies that automate and optimise client campaigns using machine learning. The efficiencies and time gained by automating these tasks would allow agencies to spend more time focussing on the creative side of agency work. 


Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 6.02.17 pm.png



Ultimately, it comes down to profit, and therefore we were reaffirmed in our mission, striving to be an agency that can deliver a creative solution to a business problem. As technology improves, and tools and gadgets multiply at an endless rate, and at Skypoynt we've always prided ourselves in keeping on the front foot with any developments and changes in the marketing technology space. The value that Agencies will bring to clients in the future is really one of strategic direction through creative engagement ideas and easy implementation. 

So, my top five moments of mastery at Masterclass 2017...

    1. Watching Aisling Finch kick off the program metaphorically drinking the biggest mouthful of Google "Kool-aid" through her declaration that Google Home was a product that was a perfect fit for the bedroom thanks to its empowering ability to disconnect from all other technology... I don't know about you, but I don't know how comfortable I am with a device that continuously learns and listens to you being in the bedroom... And enabling disconnection? You work that one out!
    2. BeatBoxing DJ - As per standard excessive entertainment of any Google conference, this years break time entertainment

    3. The super intelligent and insightful Dave Booth from Cardinal Path. Was fantastic to hear the insights he had, and the dynamic and inclusive format of his presentation was super engaging!
    4. Being the first to take a bite out of the Google Donut wall... Brilliant, just brilliant!


    5. Getting to meet, network and share ideas with so many other partners! It can often feel very isolated 'in the trenches' but through opportunities like this it becomes very apparent that there are so many other people passionate about digital marketing and working to innovate and push the boundaries of 'best practise' every day.


The Masterclass was as always, an ultra-dynamic day of learning and reflection for Skypoynt. A day that allows us to reflect on where we are heading, and how we deliver value to our clients. 

We look forward to sharing some of our tactical learnings in the campaigns we implement for our partners and in our own marketing endeavours.

Signing off, 

Tom Pritchard


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