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Landing Pages for Conveyancers

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Landing Pages for Conveyancers

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What’s a Landing Page? And What’s the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Home Page? 

Yes, you already have a website with a great looking Home Page, that offers access to all of your fantastic conveyancing and property law content deployed logically for your potential clients or users to know everything there is to know about you, your firm and your services. Right? 

That’s awesome, but a landing page is not like that. Semrush explains really well in the table below from their blog. 


A landing page is a dedicated page that users land on after they click on a link in an email, your Google Business Profile or SERP, or from your paid ad campaigns. 

The difference between a landing page and a web page is that your landing page has a single focus or objective. While your Homepage and website pages may have many goals. Your home page encourages users to explore, your landing page is a call to action.

Its one goal is to increase conversions for your marketing - that’s it. There’s usually nowhere for the user to go but move along the sales funnel the way you want them to - or back off. 

Types of Landing Pages  

There are several ‘categories’ of landing pages: 

  • Standalone - speaks for itself, and includes lead generation and click-through pages which are the most widely used. 
  • Internal Website - which could include product pages and other pages that are targeted through online marketing for specific reasons. 
  • Microsites - small multi-page ‘sitelets’ that are created as a supplement to your website that may showcase certain services or products that are targeted for marketing. 


Lead Generation Pages - aka ‘lead gen’ or ‘capture’ pages use forms as their CTAs, to collect information or lead data for ongoing marketing. They can offer something free such as eBooks or downloadable content, or be used to book calls or meetings. 

Clickthrough Pages - can go to a lead generation page, but usually lead to a subscription, product or sales page. One step closer to the commitment. 

Why are Landing Pages Important? 

Well apart from the above, and some benefits we will discuss, it’s because they are GREAT AT CONVERTING. Homepages speak generally to a broad audience that perhaps doesn’t even know who you are, let alone what you do and how you do it (really well). Homepages and other web pages encourage users to explore, to find out more. 

Landing pages don’t do that - they don’t offer the grand tour, and encourage users to ‘take a look around’. They take those tourists that are ready straight to the checkout - and hopefully - turn them into conversions.

Do Landing Pages Help with Conversions?

Yes, landing pages do help with conversions - that is their primary focus

Generally, your headline, enticing information and inviting images aren’t what makes the user click your ‘Book a Meeting’ button. It’s the entire experience or journey that the user goes through and arrives at your landing page. If the journey is customized and focused around them and answers their questions - it’s more compelling. 

Your potential conveyancing client has entered the sales funnel as your visitor through a link, ad, your Google Business Profile or anywhere else on the web because your firm is offering what they need.


As visitors become a lead, your landing page is where the conversion takes place. Your campaign specific page, with one or two CTAs, and no website navigation should encourage them to make that decision, and take action to purchase, book a meeting, signup, or get the free download. 

Driving Traffic to Your Landing Page

For your landing page to be effective overall you need to have traffic landing there. We won’t bang on here, as we have enough blogs covering much of this subject. The main methods of getting bums on seats here are: 

  • Paid Ads - when paid search ads are set up, the copy on your landing page should reflect your ad, and the link is specified, so everyone that uses the query that your landing page answers, can click on your ad, and land exactly where you want them to. 
  • Paid Social Traffic - your social media ads can welcome a whole new type of client to your services that normally wouldn’t find you. Social channels already have preferences stored for their users, so a bit of creative keyword research can be beneficial for your brand identity as well as attracting users to your landing page. 
  • Email Marketing - with a big reach and low costs, a great combination of well-crafted emails and an effective landing page can nurture existing customers in your funnel or attract new ones. 
  • Organic Search - this is where your SEO efforts come into value. Creating compelling, accurate and relevant content around your conveyancing services can ensure that you appear on SERPs. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but the more your landing page content is optimised the higher you will rank. 

The Other Benefits of your Landing Page

The focus of your landing pages is on the user experience and getting those clients to commit to your conveyancing services, but there are some other extremely cool benefits to deploying landing pages. 

  • We’ve already said it but it’s worth saying again - they increase conversions.  A good landing page should influence a visitor’s decision to work with your firm, which in turn can increase your ROI and bottom line.  
  • Landing pages support your business goals. Whether it be closing more sales, getting new customers, or reaching a new demographic for your services, your landing page can cater to that specific audience and the goals you target, and you can measure those results. 
  • Landing pages are designed to reflect your brand with consistent style, copy and elements to the pages that it’s linked to cement brand identity. This is beneficial for your firm across multiple media channels. 
  • Landing pages can grow your email and contact list, with call links or forms that collect contact information. Email newsletters (such as local information and updates from your industry), and announcements of deals and promotions can keep you front of mind and relevant and informative. 
  • They can improve your paid search campaigns and outcomes. As your landing page matches your ads, it talks directly to the query that the user is looking for, and as it facilitates their ultimate goal, they most likely will move through the steps you’ve facilitated. 
  • They increase credibility and authority. Testimonials or case studies that attest to others' success working with you, and optimised content and elements that answer their problems demonstrate that you have the expertise and are trusted for your outcomes. 
  • You can generate data and insights across channels to see what’s working and what’s not. Tracking user behaviour offers opportunities to improve your campaigns and in some cases your services.

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More Resources

There is a plethora of information about the how what and why of landing pages online, but for our money, if you need more information, you can’t go past these expert tips and tricks. 

  • Unbounce has a great article on SEO for Landing Pages. 
  • Google Ads outlines how to optimise Landing Pages for ranking. 
  • An Ultimate Guide is available on Hubspot

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