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New Snapchat Ad Tool


A new tool from Snapchat has been announced designed to make it easy for all marketers to create, manage and scale advertising through the popular social media channel.

The new tool aims to provides an intuitive interface for creating and managing all Snapchat Ad types (app install, long-form video, webview). Marketers will be able to hone in on targeting capabilities, implement goal-based bidding (‘bid for swipes’ and ‘bid for installs’), and generate detailed reporting metrics through the Snapchat Ad Manager.

Advertisers will also be able to manage key assets, from video creative to first-party audience lists (customer emails and mobile IDs), directly within the tool.

Snapchat has also introduced a complimentary Mobile Dashboard and Business Manager. These applications are making the platform mobile editable allowing advertisers to create, manage and monitor campaigns on the go.

Snapchat Mobile Dashboard enables advertisers to view and share Snap Ad creative exactly as a user would see it. They can also review live campaign reporting metrics, and receive key campaign notifications on their phones.

The Mobile Dashboard is accessible from the Snapchat app for any advertiser running a campaign through the new Ad Manager.

Business Manager centralises administration of advertisers’ key information. Advertisers will be able to manage ad-members, edit user roles and permissions, access levels, billing contacts, as well as ad accounts, and more, according to Snapchat.

The new Ad Manager is still in beta, which can be applied to through the Snapchat ads website. Any brand can apply to test on the Snapchat Ads website, and the tool will become broadly available next month in Australia, the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, and other countries.

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