3 Essential Elements of Your SEO Plan for 2015/2016

Tom Pritchard

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3 Essential Elements of Your SEO Plan for 2015/2016

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It’s kinda crazy how in the last 10 years our search habits have changed from the Yellow Pages and word of mouth to direct search on Google. Even within
Google search things change, there used to be room for keyword stuffing and SEO article auto spinning, not now, now google looks for quality over quantity
and relevance to the topic.
We have compiled three esential elements to think about then considering Search Engine Optimization on google:

  1. Responsive Design: Long gone are the days where customers only viewed a website on a desktop or laptop, now we need access to the web anywhere and
    everywhere on mobile, tablet and our laptop. Google knows this and are actively penalizing websites without a strong responsive design.
  2. Keyword Research: The words you use in your website are directly related to how people find you online. How would you know what your customers search
    for if you don’t research? You have to start somewhere and the best approach is to look for a number of topics relevant to your business, or topics
    around the problems that your business solves.
  3. Measurement: Responsive design is a no brainer these days and stands alone as a SEO influencer in its own right. Keyword research requires pretty
    intense will you know that you are successful if you don't measure your impact?SEO is a legitimately longer game than other
    forms of marketing, it takes time to move up the rankings of any search engine. There are a wealth of tools online that will display your rankings
    for particular keywords but why why waste your time, do what you do best and let an SEO agency look after that whole side of your business.

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