Christmas 2015 Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet

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Christmas 2015 Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet

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Holiday's are's time to start thinking about your digital marketing plan for Christmas! We know, it feels like only yesterday we were unwrapping presents!

Your competitors have been working on their Christmas campaigns from the end of last year. Yes, that’s right – many businesses start planning for next year as soon as Christmas is over.

Here is the 2015 Digital Marketing Cheat sheet for Christmas.

Seasonal Designs

Customers expect to see Christmas designs both offline and online when they shop. Ensuring your design is the best comes down to two things; functionality and style.

Social Media

What will your Christmas hash-tag be for your brand? Will you even have one? Christmas social media gets massive reach and during the holiday times, spending more time online shopping people will also wander over to social sites and will be in the buying mood!


People spend money on Christmas...they also love discounts combine the two of these factors into one and create a compelling seasonal offer that brings your customers in.  Share on all of your social media platforms, make prominent on your website and send out special eZine to your customers and prospects detailing the offer.


Letting your customer know your product offering via email marketing is always holiday times, it's essential. Creating a Christmas themed email to go out to your database detailing your seasons greetings and discounts is a great way to cost effectively boost revenues.

Do something amazing.

How about making a donation to a local homeless shelter and sharing about it on Social Media? These kinds of good news stories go a long way to increasing your visibility online, what better time to contribute to your corporate social responsibility than Christmas?

There you have it, your holiday tactics sorted! How about giving yourself a treat and downloading the 7 steps to highly effective SEO from Skypoynt below.


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