SEO, The Long Term Game

Tom Pritchard

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SEO, The Long Term Game

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When thinking about Search Engine Optimization for your brand it’s a longer term game than a quick fix. Web design trends will come and go, there will
be a change in the “in vogue” web design every 6 months but SEO will remain pretty constant.

Sure, you can say, “Hey Tom, what about Google Algorithm changes?” and yes they will continue to change and adapt to how the user prefers to search. One
thing that hasn’t changed with any Google Algorithm changes is quality of content and user experience. If you commit to and focus on quality you really
can’t go far wrong in terms of SEO.

So how long does Search Engine Optimisation take? According to Forbes...

“Many SEO firms will tell you that it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing results. That's generally accurate, but bear in mind this is when you start seeing results, and SEO results grow over time. Whatever results you're getting at 6 months should be considerably less than what you're getting at 12 months.” - Forbes

The results you get are important. People talk about getting to page one on Google but depending on your business, if you are at page one and your website
isn’t actually converting your visitors then the results are purely cosmetic.

Rankings on google and other search engines are important, but really the results should be when you see an increase in traffic from organic search to
your website, following on from that the results are conversion rates on the traffic you are driving. No conversion, no point.


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