Working out your Mission Statement

Tom Pritchard

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Working out your Mission Statement

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When thinking about the direction of our businesses and assets to go along with the day to day running of our operation, our mission is important.

Our mission statement at Skypoynt is:

"We believe in creating a more connected web for business; Striving for a more interactive, richer online experience."

The most common structure and headline to work out is to think up your mission statement.

What exactly is a mission statement? It’s a tool used to keep your company and its employees on track, to show your customers how you do business and what
your purpose is.

Here are some excerpts from some of the world’s most successful mission statements:

Telstra: “To create a brilliant connected future for everyone.”

Woolworth’s: “Every man, woman and child needs a handy place where good things are cheap.”

Cisco: “To become our customers’ most strategic business partner.”

A good mission statement answers several key questions about your business:

  1. What are the opportunities or needs that the company addresses?
  2. How are these needs being addressed?
  3. What is the business of the organization?
  4. What level of service is provided?
  5. What principles or beliefs guide the organization?

How do I actually create a mission statement? Work with the people within and connected to your business to find out who you are and what you do. The first
step is a mind mapping session with these internal ambassadors to understand the key opportunities in your offering.

Sometimes the sessions around a mission statement can fill up pages and pages of notes, but it’s important to be able to boil all of your information in
your business down into one easy to understand sentence...or at the most a paragraph.

Spend time on’s important to your success.

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