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Tom Pritchard

Google Partner Masterclass Sydney 2017

Beat boxing DJ's, Canapés and enough khaki coloured cino's to fit out the..

April Klazema

What Are Buyer Personas & Why Do They Matter Marketing My Law Firm?

If you search “buyer personas” in Google, you will probably see a few offers..

Tom Pritchard

Linkedin Releases New Website Analytics Tool

LinkedIn is launching a new way for business to see the professional..

Tom Pritchard

The $16,000 (AUD) Google Ad Grant Your Not For Profit Is Missing Out On!

If I were to tell you that since 2010, every month your organisation had..

Tom Pritchard

Skypoynt Presents: Google AdGrant Management Services

Sydney based digital marketing agency Skypoynt who specialise in providing..

Tom Pritchard

New Snapchat Ad Tool

A new tool from Snapchat has been announced designed to make it easy for all..

Tom Pritchard

Search Engine Optimisation Basics - SEO 101

What Is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation?


Tom Pritchard

How to grant Google Analytics Access


Tom Pritchard

How To Provide Agency Access To Your Adwords Account

We often ask potential new clients to provide us with access to their..

Tom Pritchard

Adwords Profitability Forecast Template

As an avid spreadsheet nerd! I find myself often trawling the web for..

Tom Pritchard

The Home Page Text Template

At Skypoynt, we see the struggle that is collecting, auditing, editing and..

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