Patient Forms: Online is Best Practice for your Dental Practice

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Patient Forms: Online is Best Practice for your Dental Practice

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Forms: The Easy Way for Patients to Communicate

Without forms, we couldn’t shop online, book theatre and concert tickets, and enter all those online competitions. Where would all those pesky marketers get our info and know our interests to target us with tempting discounts and offers without them? In our digital world it’s hard to imagine any successful business without at least one form on their website.

Integrated forms are a simple tool that can be enabled on any website to collect data, when that website is connected to their Client Relationship Manager (CRM) software. It makes sense that a successful Dental Practice could benefit from an integrated form on their website also.

Benefits of Forms

The benefits of integrated forms is not only that they allow you to collect information, they are generally, more efficient than paper forms.

Forms on your landing pages or website available to your patients and other visitors can collect such information as email addresses, physical addresses (location), phone numbers and other unique data. The data is automatically added to your CRM.

  • Save money and time on manual work: integration, especially for form data can assist with automated data collection into your CRM, reducing data entry and ensuring your data is more secure. It can also reduce or eliminate double handling of information and ensure that all information is stored in one place, securely.
  • Initiate communication with existing and new patients, and use the contact for improved communication ongoing. You can have forms on your website that can initiate subscriptions, lead to content blogs and downloads about common dental issues and for booking and or enquiring about appointments. They can help you build relationships, and they can convert visitors to your page into patients or clients.
  • Build relationships and automate lead nurturing. With your forms set up to ask the right questions, and your CRM set up to trigger specific actions, you can target the right people with the correct information to nurture relationships. A happy birthday automated to your patients or a reminder for their annual appointment with a bonus attached to it would add interest and ‘delight’; this can lead to promotion of your brand with them passing on their happiness and ‘out of the box’ experience with your practice to their friends and family.
  • Feedback made easy; either after an appointment or contact in general. In our digital world, feedback is imperative. Your practice needs feedback to survive for continuous improvement. By making it not only available, but easy for your patients and clients, you are encouraging an amenable user experience.

Communication = Retention

Practices that implement website forms for booking appointments, answering queries, and gathering patient information, free themselves to maximise their appointment times for treatments, and do what they are supposed to be doing; attending to their patients. It’s data that can be used to keep in contact with patients between visits, via email, for deploying information and to send reminders of upcoming appointments.

Fundamentally, they act as a communication bridge for your patients and other visitors to connect with you and give you information that can be of benefit to your practice to further assist patients. Improving patient user experience and engagement is just as important to a Dental Practices as to any business.

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