5 Tips To Improve Your On-line Store's SEO

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5 Tips To Improve Your On-line Store's SEO

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Thinking about your website, SEO is crucial to the success of your on-line presence. It can be the difference between your customers choosing you and your competitors.  But with the holiday season fast approaching, now is the best time to start implementing some SEO best practices, especially if you operate an online store.

If your website employs good Search Engine Optimization, you’ll have a better chance of attracting visitors via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Not everyone knows how to do this, we at Skypoynt want to show you the way!

If you implement some of the following best practices specifically for ecommerce SEO,  there is more chance of improving your search engine rankings, bringing more traffic and sales to your website. Isn't that what a website is all about?

  1. Think through your website's navigation and make it understandable. 

For an online store, it's really important to implement clean and easy to understand site navigation. Universal navigation refers to the set of links most commonly seen at the top of your website. Here’s an example of the universal navigation for a sample Skypoynt website:

Link Structure

These are the most important links to your website, all other links will feed back into this structure.

How do I know which links to include in my navigation? Sorting of links is key here, taking all the topics/products/pages and grouping them into categories is the main way to understand which should be the most prominent and highest level links.

2. Focus on quick on-page SEO factors. 

Most on-page SEO factors can be implemented and improved in minutes.

Online store owners should make sure that they’ve added the following to their web pages:

  • Unique keyword-rich title tags
  • Unique keyword-rich meta descriptions
  • Unique keywords in header tags

For an indepth look at tags, download the 7 steps to highly effective SEO here.

SEO Capture

3. Product descriptions matter.

Writing descriptive, interesting, compelling product descriptions is really important for SEO, without great product descriptions you are damaging the SEO potential of your store.


The-Nike-Roshe-Run-Mens-Kermit-Meme-Customs-By-Gourmet-Kickz-In-Reasonable-Price Think about the fun you could have with the product descriptions to these!


  • Don't copy manufacturers descriptions.
  • Do create unique descriptions from your companies point of view.

If you take a look from a human standpoint, it's a great connection to be able to see the business you are buying from's perspective on the product.

   4. Images with Alternative Text.

This is really important...images are a rich medium for consumers, Google Search takes this into account and in order to describe to Google what the image is, alternative text is a great place to include the product's name.

Another pointer is to keep the file size as small as possible without compromising quality of the image. Website speed is a Google ranking factor, smaller file sizes will contribute to a faster website.

   5. Social Sharing Integration on Product Pages.

Social signals continue to be an important factor in how Google ranks pages on search results. Page URLs with high volume tweets and shares rank higher than those that do not.

So if you are selling a product online, the opportunity is there to increase the level of social interaction by adding social sharing buttons and at the same time improve the overall page and site's search ranking.

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