Top SEO Tips to Future Proof Your Website

Jay Whitelock

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Top SEO Tips to Future Proof Your Website

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SEO is always evolving and changing as time moves forward. It is therefore important to try and understand Google’s mind to stay on top and future-proof your site. Read on for some of our top SEO tips for using great SEO to maintain a solid, stable website.

Create Genuinely Strong Content.

Ensure your content is well thought out, optimised for the right terms on the right pages, with an appropriate keyword density. Your content is supposed to be a mixture of evergreen and fresh – the perfect balance of stable landing pages that answer questions your customers will always ask and regular blog posts to show up to date news. Think about what your users are asking and searching for, especially those long-tail searches, and then make sure your content delivers the answers.

Keep on top of any technical issues.

Google search is becoming a quality watchdog when it comes to technical issues on a website. Broken links, problematic code and security issues will all affect your SEO rankings. It’s best to regularly, or have an external company, audit your website for any flaws that may potentially affect you connecting with that perfect customer.

Don’t forget about your local SEO.

This is especially important if your business has local branches. Your customers want to know where they can visit you in store. Without great local Search Engine Optimisation, it will be difficult to drive traffic through local search. Creating well-optimised landing pages for your branches with all the information your customers need is crucial to the overall process. To make your local SEO stronger, create a Google Places listing for each branch and get it validated – it will be much easier for your customers to find you. You can even list your branches on local listings websites; this will help with backlinks too!

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