Should I Invest in SEO for my Conveyancing Firm?

Deb Turney

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Should I Invest in SEO for my Conveyancing Firm?

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Yes, You Most Definitely Should Invest in SEO for Your Firm!

Search Engine Optimisation (as if you didn’t know) is the organic way that you drive users to your website through search engines like Google. 

The main reason people search for conveyancers and law specialists is because they are looking for information and services from trusted sources. They want advice and information on what to expect from the process from reliable and credible sources. 

As conveyancers all offer more or less the same services, SEO can be the difference for your conveyancing firm to make your online presence more visible. In addition, SEO can improve your authority and credibility as that trusted source with a high ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS). 

SEO is a marathon - not a sprint (That’s PPC). To permanently rank high on SERPS requires an ongoing and detailed SEO strategy - a holistic approach.  A great website should give the user what they need at the right time, and offer them a simple and safe experience whilst accessing the information. 

We’ve tried to compile some information based on our experience working with conveyancers and the activities that we’ve undertaken with them as part of the organic SEO strategy. 

Ultimate Goals for Your Website SEO!

  • Technical SEO - a technically optimised website will be fast to use and easy for search engine crawlers to identify. Not only does a slow loading site have a lower ranking on Google, but load time can make or break a website. 53% of mobile users abandon websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load, and will NEVER return to those sites.  
  • Website Security - Online security - or your lack of - directly affects your SEO. Switch to the HTTPS domain by purchasing an SSL certificate; not only is it a Google ranking factor, it secures your website data, and it demonstrates security to users too. 
  • Great Content, Structured Well - Create content that people are searching for, and we expand on this below. Just as critical is how that content on your site is organised; keeping it simple and logical makes it easier for users and search engines to find the content on your pages. 
  • User Experience (UX) - Fundamentally UX is about how a website works and can be considered the resulting culmination of all your SEO. Search engines - especially Google - increasingly mimic human behaviour and expectations, so SEO and UX work together to keep search engines and users happy. 

The 3 Pillars of Quality Evaluation are Made for Conveyancers + Property Lawyers

Expertise. Authoritativeness. Trustworthiness. Also known as E-A-T. 

Makes you feel all warm, fuzzy and safe right? Like you are in the right hands? Well that’s completely the point.

Isn’t that the kind of feeling you want your clients to feel as they undertake one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives? In this respect, we are talking about your website and Google’s Search Quality Raters guidelines. E-A-T is considered one of the most important factors when considering page quality ranking. 

The pillars apply to what information or topics that your content addresses. If your information or pages can impact a person’s health, safety, financial situation or future happiness Google calls them Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) pages. Conveyancing and Property Law fall squarely within these impact zones, so demonstrating E-A-T is crucial. 


Expertise - Demonstration of a high level of skill and knowledge in the area of conveyancing could include expert subject matter, and ensuring that you have content created by experts in those fields. Is your content written by property lawyers with extensive experience and success in the conveyancing process? Experts, in this case, are considered educated professionals with qualifications and experience in the YMYL zones. 

Authoritativeness - How authoritative is your site, and it's content? Authority is relative to how your industry peers regard your content, it's about reputation among other experts and industry influencers. Other industry businesses linking to your site content is a great recommendation as an authority. We link to company articles and blogs produced by Yoast and Search Engine Journal as they are the authorities in our industry. 

Trustworthiness - Your website and its content should be legitimate, accurate and transparent. Stating who is responsible for published content, and including contact details on your site demonstrates that you claim responsibility for your information. 

Accuracy of your main content - especially for news articles and other YMYL topics - should be fact checked and supported by citing trustworthy sources and external links to expert consensus when available. 

It’s not only about your website - trust is about your engagement with users, the security of your site and your brand reputation. 

Original Content is King!


Search engines - especially Google - LOVE original content. Why? 

  • Basically, it improves UX 
  • Technically it helps them refine ad targeting - all the better for you too. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): OG content helps Google create their comprehensive knowledge graph to power it’s search engine.  

Investing in original content can help your firm stand out in the market, engage your team, and demonstrate that your conveyancing firm and team are thought leaders and a trustworthy source of information in your industry. 

It’s a critical part of an effective digital marketing campaign, as it will boost your search engine rankings, and online visibility. It can also be your conveyancing firm's competitive advantage. 


What is Original Content? It’s something unique that hasn’t been published before, or imbuing an existing topic with a new opinion or within different ideas. If it passes a plagiarism check, it’s original. 

Types of Original Content: Think conveyancing experiences and successes in your local area; case studies and blogs with advice for buyers and sellers backed up by your local knowledge and experience. Original images to support written content, videos or infographics of your processes etc. 

Think About Your Audience when Creating your Content. What do you want to tell your users? What common questions do you and your team get asked regularly by your clients regarding the conveyancing process or your firm? Do they ask about successful sales in your local area? 

Mix it up! What messages can be communicated by a blog, video, case study or other elements of your website? 

Undertake some research, it will give you the tools to gain the attention of your audience. Meeting their needs and expectations can encourage your leads to turn into loyal clients. 

Local SEO 

Conveyancers are experts in the property market in their direct and surrounding areas, so local SEO is another element of your digital marketing strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Local SEO activities endeavour to rank in local as opposed to national and international search results. Optimisation of your pages and site is needed for region-specific results and near me searches. Some of the elements and activities to assist with local SEO are:

  • Location targeted landing pages
  • Create content, news stories around the market,  or case studies based around your local area.
  • Google My Business listing is set up with the correct category. (See GMB Update)
  • Great reviews from clients with successful property transactions in the targeted area. 
  • Optimise for mobile search and voice search

Conveyancers need to be aware that local SEO is more important right now, as Google will no doubt be making changes to introduce new features on its SERPs for local searches. Optimising now means you’ll be ready to move when new SEO opportunities or changes happen. 

Why is local SEO important for conveyancers? 

Conveyancing firms fit the glove that local SEO is made for. 

Any business that services and/or has a business space or shopfront in a particular geographic area benefits from utilising and optimising their local SEO. If your local SEO isn't optimised, you are going to miss out on attracting the highest converting customers - statistics prove it. Learn more.... 

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Final word

High-quality websites organically rank well. 

If you need to lift your game, you have free tools to help you with your local SEO, there’s a slew of tips to get started on your long game SEO strategy. 

While it’s not rocket science, to get ahead of your competitors, especially locally, SEO is truly one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. 

Here at Skypoynt, we specialise in assisting conveyancers and other small businesses with their SEO and digital marketing strategies. Talk to us, we are as serious as you when it comes to your growth strategy. 

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