Skypoynt Presents: Google AdGrant Management Services

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Skypoynt Presents: Google AdGrant Management Services

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Sydney based digital marketing agency Skypoynt who specialise in providing profitable digital marketing campaigns through SEM, SEO and data analytics has announced the launch of a new initiative which helps Not-For-Profit organisations (NFPs) reach new audiences and increase their following through the Google Ad Grants program.

Skypoynt appreciates the hard work done by NFP organisations that brings limited resources to the crucial missions for people’s betterment with often very limited resources.

Specifically, the program called Google Ad Grants offers eligible Not-For-Profit organisations an in-kind advertising grant of up to $10,000 USD per month. Very few Not-For-Profits would have budget for this kind of expenditure without the assistance of Google.

As a grant recipient, this funding empowers eligible organisations in three ways:

  • Promotion of organisation on Google (Adwords Search).
  • Track digital engagement through conversion tracking and analytics
  • Drive improvements in digital engagement such as volunteer signups, increased donations and enhanced organisation awareness.

Although the program has been open and available since mid 2010, as little as 3% of eligible organisations have been able to make optimal use of the program. Primarily, this is due to the fact that Google provides no management support for online ad campaigns and thus, leaves Not-For-Profits to deploy and manage the program themselves. For many Not-For-Profit’s with limited digital advertising experience, this lack of support leads to either poorly managed campaigns or even revocation of adgrants status!

This is where Skypoynt comes in. We firmly believe in the value that these organisations bring cannot be understated! They carry out activities and provide a diverse spectrum of services that include social support services, public awareness and education, sport and recreation, arts and culture, environment, animal welfare and human rights. The survival and prosperity of these organisations rests on their ability to communicate and grow a community of supporters who actively donate both time and money because of a like minded belief in an organisational mission.

The Google Ad Grant program is a key tool that can significantly increase reach, impact and support for an organisation’s mission. Skypoynt believes that organisations should be able to access professional digital support, to make use of the Google Ad Grant program affordably.

To this Skypoynt proudly announce the launch of our Google Ad Grant Managed Services.

Google Ad Grant Managed Services provide Not-For-Profit organisations with resources to maximise the benefits from the Google Ad Grant program. Managing the entire process, including program qualification, campaign setup, ongoing optimisation and performance reporting, our aim is to make the Google Ad Grants program accessible to all Not-For-Profit organisations across Australia.

Check out our Google Ad Grant Services page for more information and to sign up.

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