What SEO Changes can we expect in 2016?

Jay Whitelock

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What SEO Changes can we expect in 2016?

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At Skypoynt, we want to keep our finger on the pulse of SEO, we look into our crystal ball, hold up, no we don’t, we understand how SEO works so we apply that logic to the future.

Who knows we could be sitting here at the end of 2016 with something completely different than SEO to focus our attention on (doubtful, it’s not going anywhere).

Here are our predictions for the end of the world...sorry, SEO in 2016.

     1. Mobile is our 2016 search Future.

Mobile SEO changes

“Mobile searches will surpass desktop in 2016” - Jeff Bullas

According to eMarketer, 2015 will see mobile search reach the tipping point—the stage at which the majority of spend, organic traffic and paid clicks comes from smartphones and tablets rather than the traditional medium of desktop and laptop search.

  1. Trending Direct Answers

“Google it” is the latest phrase, we don’t need to wonder anything anymore. People specifically ask questions, directly to it’s a human! Setting aside the scary grid connotations, this is valuable insight into how to structure your content. Include questions and answer them.


Answers SEO change

  • -How do you get into this holy grail of SEO?
  • -Employing structured data when appropriate
  • -Using nouns (i.e. entities) in your writing when it’s natural to do so
  • -Linking to relevant sites
  • -Managing your Freebase data (note: this is going away soon in favor of Wikidata, but the same idea applies)
  • -Being featured in Wikipedia.

     3. Google gets Social...but not with G+.

Social Media SEO Change

Social results will feature more prominently on Google. Now that Google has practically abandoned Google+, it seems more interested in forming close partnerships with other social media platforms. The search giant has had a deal with Facebook for years, scanning the platform for information and posts from major brands. Recently, it has forged an alliance with Twitter, allowing Google to index tweet information and withdraw it at will.

So, that’s it, more changes coming within search in 2016, will we be correct? Who knows, we do know though that things will not stay the same! To keep on top of search engine optimization check out our FREE SEO report on the Skypoynt webpage.


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