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Social Media Marketing for Conveyancers

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It’s Time for Conveyancers to Embrace Social Media Marketing

When looking at how to promote your conveyancing firm, overlooking the power of social media can be a costly mistake. 

No longer the realm of trendy fashion labels and hip teenagers. Media and social channels are perfect for professional services now that smartphones are in the hands of over 20 million consumers in the country. 

Overlap that with the fact that eCommerce is a burgeoning industry, and it makes sense. A report by Statista in November 2020 showed that online purchases on smartphones were at greater numbers than those on laptops. 

The best thing you can do for your firm is to get amongst it. 


We don’t have to tell you that conveyancing clients come in all shapes and sizes, so doesn’t it make sense that you are in front of a multitude of demographics? The fundamental reasons to embrace social media for your business are to: 

  • Get new clients, and increase your reach
  • Increase the ways for users to find your brand and business
  • Engage with your audience, community and network
  • Boost your SEO 
  • Establish your industry authority and trustworthiness. 

See your comprehensive Video Marketing for Conveyancers blog. 

What Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Firm? 

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can use the social channels, and what the different channels can offer to increase your firm's reach and brand recognition. 

If we can offer one piece of advice before we move forward with your options, it’s that no matter which platforms you choose to run with, social media moves fast. You need to stay on top if it. 

Your profile needs to be current and relevant, you need to be consistent with your use of it, and you need to be active and engaged. Setting profiles up correctly, and investing time in a content calendar and schedule is the first step to success. Engagement follows. 

Your final step is to monitor the engagement on any social channel you use for your conveyancing firm. Maybe your first choice is not to be your best, or maybe a combination of a few could work. 



We are going to go with the obvious here first up, as most businesses these days already have a business page on the platform. The question is I guess, are you getting the most out of it? And if you don’t have a business page, well why not? 

With over 800 million users globally, it’s the third-largest social platform after Facebook ( and YouTube is second - which we talk about below). It has over 11 million Australian users, and it’s completely business and networking oriented, so don’t you want a little piece of that action for yourself? 

Fundamentally, your company page will assist with your networking and sales leads, and it can also add credibility to your conveyancing or property law firm, and increase your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. 

Create content that’s sharable, engages and benefits your audience. 

To do’s include:

  • Publish content that is relevant and helpful - and keep it simple and specific
  • Cover industry updates and current affairs - starting discussions can increase your network and visibility
  • Make content personable
  • Add images of people (not stock images). Use your team, partners and clients - adds to making it personable and gives your firm humanity and approachability
  • Make your headline front and centre, the first line of your post is your hook 
  • Use compelling or positive statistics - images of them when possible - you're in the property industry, so there’s plenty of statistics surrounding your business. 
  • Be consistent and post regularly 
  • Respond to comments and engagement - comments increase visibility on LinkedIn 
  • What to avoid? The main things you shouldn’t do is include long videos, share posts, use external links (LinkedIn wants users to stay on the platform), hard sell, or get too personal (that’s what other socials are for)!

LinkedIn Advertising (or Marketing Solutions) 

LinkedIn Ads can - like any other paid marketing tool - build brand awareness, generate leads and drive traffic to your website. Like any marketing tool such as Google Ads, LinkedIn ads offer various Ad formats, including sponsored ads, posts, or messaging straight to inboxes, to meet your objectives and goals. 

Networking - LinkedIn Groups 

You can create a group, or join a group; either way, it’s a space for professionals such as conveyancers and property lawyers to share expertise, advice and build on their network. As Hubspot outlines extensively in their blog, Groups offer your firm a targeted opportunity to build your brand and community. 

Conversations are restricted to that group's members-only for posting, viewing and commenting. Group criteria is fully customisable by the creators and administrators.

LinkedIn4Conveyancers-blog-header-imageLinkedIn for Conveyancing Firms

With over  830 million users globally, it’s THE place for professional networking. Any professional - including conveyancers - who wants to stand out as a thought-leader can benefit from an optimised presence on the platform. We believe it's an underrated platform for conveyancing firms and property lawyers to network AND market. Read more...


Facebook (aka Meta) 

With the rise in popularity of other social networking platforms and apps, there’s an assumption that it’s not worth considering Facebook as a valuable partner in business marketing anymore. That’s incorrect; if you have a website, you should also have a Facebook Business page.

Here are some Facebook stats to ponder: 

  • There are 16 million active users in Australia
  • 82% of those over 13 years old use the platform (Dec 2021)
  • 20 minutes a day is the average use time
  • It’s the most popular social media platform/app in our country (well the world)

While there isn’t specific location data available for states in Australia, you’d have to assume the breakdown would be akin to our city, region, and territory population numbers. That’s a lot of people that may be using Facebook to seek reviews and information on conveyancers and the process. 

Benefits of a Facebook Business Page for Property Lawyers and Conveyancers

The fundamental truth is that Facebook is about people, and so is your conveyancing firm. The social aspect of your business will work with the platform. 

The nature of the Business Page app, with comments and likes, mimics the word of mouth system, but on steroids. It can supercharge your referral and customer review process. Also, consider these benefits:


  1. Wide reach - it is the most popular social platform on the planet
  2. Gain social proof and trust through engagement
  3. Demonstrate expertise by sharing your website content, and circulating other industry expert news for your community
  4. Live chat (if you don’t have that facility on your website) and comments help can actually increase engagement for follow up questions etc from existing and new clients. 
  5. Facebook (and Instagram) Advertising - let’s take a look at that a bit more specifically

Facebook Advertising - It’s Different 

Facebook Advertising has some unique benefits for your marketing, apart from it offering the widest user base of any social media platform. 

  • B2B and B2C advertising aligned - okay so B2B advertising may not be a priority for your firm, but don’t forget that the people that own those businesses don’t change at the end of the workday, they are still people who you may benefit from fom retargeting. There are also referrals from other legal practices that don't offer conveyancing services, and that perhaps are not experts in your locality. 
  • Full-funnel targeting means that you can capture the attention of a user at any stage of the engagement journey. The combination of ad formats, targeting options and measurement capabilities offers customisation for any stage of the funnel. 
  • Psychographic targeting is more granular than demographics; it identifies the psychological and cognitive attributes of a consumer. Characteristics such as interests, life events, behaviours and hobbies can reveal users' beliefs, values and goals. This information which Facebook is so good at accumulating, almost organically through our interaction with the platform, helps target your marketing efforts. 

Facebook Advertising is an extensive subject, one that we know a little about, but you’ll get more from the experts we lean towards. Search Engine Journal has a great blog on the advantages of FB marketing for your business. Clio also offers some specific information about FB advertising for law firms


Instagram for Business/Conveyancers

As of July 2021, there were over 13 million Instagram users in Australia. That’s a whopping (approximately) 51% of the country’s population. There was a surge during the pandemic lockdowns, but there is no doubt that the app is gaining in popularity, especially in the e-commerce and professional space. 

Australian instagram user behaviour chart linking to Hubspot article

And while it’s a common assumption (there’s that ass-of-u-and-me word again) that Instagram isn’t a platform for professionals, you have to question that logic when you look at the slice of pie you may be missing out on. 

Instagram is THE visual platform. Use quality images and or videos that are inspiring, and offer legitimacy to your conveyancing firm. 

Skypoynt’s top 7 ideas for relevant content to share for a property lawyer or conveyancer, through a combination of images, text and video are: 


  1. Introducing your firm and your team members
  2. Highlight your wins - record sales transactions and or award presentations
  3. Show your team at charity events and other community activities. 
  4. Advertise local news and events for the community
  5. Virtual tours of your office or other spaces
  6. Record and share client testimonials or images with written testimonials. 
  7. Provide conveyancing tips and tricks (without offering legal advice) 

Instagram also has robust tools to benefit your conveyancing firm including Instagram (live) rooms, direct messaging, reels, stories, guides, store shop-front and analytics. 

Important: Link your firm's Instagram and Facebook accounts, and use your content calendar. Do some tag research to tag your posts relevantly. 

Specific Tips for Instagram Marketing 

These can work with most social channels: 

  • Offer deals through your socials - specials or deals for new customers. Gift vouchers for existing clients that refer clients to you that result in a successful transaction. 
  • Follow the 5-3-2 rule for content.
  • Network with other conveyancers and property lawyers to form a community. It can help with referrals if they are out of your area, and you can share tips and expertise for problem-solving and educating your clients (and your team)! 


Video Content Marketing with YouTube (and TikTok) 

Video marketing is more accessible for business than ever before. It makes sense when you recognise that a short video is attractive and engaging to users, and it’s a simple and digestible way to present complex information directly to the viewer. 

While Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and TikTok (among others) all enable video sharing, for conveyancing we’ll take a look at YouTube primarily, and have a closer look at any benefits of TikTok (we’re curious and you may be too).

Some of the things that we recommend you showcase and share by video are:  

  • Clips introducing your staff and expertise, or your firm with an emphasis on your unique brand or culture
  • A summary of a recent interesting conveyancing process with a successful outcome
  • Client testimonials or interviews 
  • Short snippets explaining terminology for the conveyancing process, and legal requirements for property transactions. 
  • Product or service overviews - like this one 
  • Announcements and industry updates 
  • Interview with a team member about why they work with your firm. 


YouTube’s growth in revenue, subscribers and viewers is incredible. Although it’s been around since 2005, it’s major growth has occurred in recent years. The number of video content hours uploaded every 60 seconds increased by 40% from 2015 to 2019 according to Semrush. In 2021 alone the platform experienced a 4.9% growth rate. Hootsuite outlines further staggering statistics such as 41.9 minutes is the daily average for viewers over 18, with 40.9% of that watch time on mobiles. 

you-tube-stats-hootsuite-graph-imageIn terms of viewers in Australia in 2017 there were 14 million visitors per month, and in 2021 that had increased to 16.5 million

It’s a diverse landscape of culture, connection, knowledge and communities that are driven wholly by the contributors from all walks of life and corners of the globe, there’s a place for everyone. 

While the YouTube app is available on an increasing number of smart TVs, gaming consoles, and smartphones, TVs are the fastest growing screen types for the platform, and Australia now has a regular 8+ million Australians streaming YouTube on connected TVs. 

To get started you’ll need to set up your YouTube account, and then connect it to your Google account. 

Important Note: Streaming YouTube content on a smart TV via the app is not to be confused with the YouTube TV streaming service, which is currently not available in Australia at the time of writing. 



As the youngest video platform to take the world by storm, we assume TikTok to be a platform to share lip-synching parodies of famous celebrities. As a conveyancer, this may seem a little off-kilter, but the platform is not going anywhere, and it’s the recent introduction of TikTok Ads means that businesses are now taking it seriously.  

Consider also that If ‘fads’ have taught us anything - think Facebook and Instagram - it’s that they often start off with the younger fan base, and then become integral parts of our lives, and morph into important tools in our business marketing strategies. Why should TikTok be any different? 

With over 800 million users worldwide, TikTok is designed to make and share short, relatable and shareable videos that, yes, do tap into humour to grab the users attention. If used correctly, it can enhance your digital marketing strategy. 

Now is the time!

While TikTok Ads is still new, experts are recommending that this is the time for brands to jump on board and take advantage of that fact, to make a name for themselves. If you feel this platform speaks to the demographic and culture of the client you want to attract, and it fits your brand then go for it! 

Get in early to gazump your competition so to speak. Even considering that perhaps your target audience isn’t using the platform right now you have to consider that they may be down the track. 

Before you Jump!

They also recommend you do some research and study the platform. Firstly to get a feel for what kind of content may work for your firm, and secondly, so you don’t waste your time trying to navigate a platform you don't understand. 

Check out some of the other legal firms, conveyancers and property law businesses on the platform for what they are doing, and how they are doing it. 

TikTok’s power is in generating brand awareness, and user engagement, so you don’t want to jeopardise either by looking like an amateur. 

There are 3 ways that TikTok can work for your conveyancing firm: 

  • Create your own channel 
  • Work with an influencer - they already have a fan-base and can advocate for your brand
  • Pay for advertising space. 

Fun and Humour Are the Key to TikTok Success

Do keep it real. It’s about simplicity, clear and short messages. Keep it real and authentic. Undertake some hashtag research, use music, and take some inspiration from what’s trending. Have fun, and use a little humour to get your message across. 

Don’t hard-sell - this is one marketplace where talking AT your audience and stringent sales pitches just won’t work. 

Tips for Making the Most of Your Firm’s Video Content

When you decide to invest in creating video content for your firm, you need to make the most out of it. These are the top tips for the placement of your conveyancing video content. 

  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Your YouTube channel/account - check out this one for
  • Your Website
  • Landing Pages
  • All of your business social channels, and within the networks you’ve created. 
  • Connect your social accounts where possible - and create a calendar and schedule to streamline your activities. 

The benefits of video marketing when done correctly are powerful. Many expert marketers will tell you that the ROI is incomparable to other forms of marketing in the digital space.

It can strengthen your brand, increase engagement with your audience and potential clients, boost your SEO, personalise your reviews, demonstrate professionalism, trustworthiness and expertise, and ensure that you are keeping up with your competition - maybe even getting ahead of them. 

Video Marketing for Conveyancers. 

When I was researching this article I came upon excess information that really convinced us that video marketing really is a great vehicle for conveyancing firm. So much that I put together another blog wholly dedicated to that, including what, why and how to tips. Read More.... 

Moonscape-Image-Video Marketing for Conveyancers graphic

Final Words on Social Media for Conveyancers and Property Lawyers. 

What Social Channels does Skypoynt Recommend? 

We are not social media marketing experts, but we do undertake a bit of it ourselves and for our clients. 

We recommend investigating all of the options, but do believe LinkedIn should be your starting point, with another social platform that sits in alignment with your brand and culture. 

The Linkedin landscape is a natural habitat for conveyancers and property law networks, but your profile needs to be up to date or current. Your team members need to connect their individual pages back to the business (and therefore they also need to be up to date too.) It’s about professional networking, it’s the polished, and grownup member of the social channels family. 

Additional Resources

If you want some further in-depth insight into using social media for your conveyancing firm we recommend the following: 

Skypoynt are Australia's only agency dedicated to working with Conveyancer's for all of your digital marketing and integration needs. We've created extensive resources through our experience and research to show you we are committed to offering you the best partnership for your growth. Check out our FREE articles and blogs covering all aspects of Conveyancer Marketing, and talk to us about getting in front of the conveyancing customers that YOU know will help your firm grow. 

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