3 Ways to seriously leverage Twitter for business in 2015.

Jay Whitelock

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3 Ways to seriously leverage Twitter for business in 2015.

Social Media Marketing | Twitter

Twitter is still here, and it's as interesting as ever for business. Here are three ways you can genuinely use Twitter for your business in 2015.

Current Trends.

Twitter makes it really easy to monitor the current, trending trends.

While you can monitor them manually using the standard timeline, it is extremely challenging if you have thousands of followers.

The best way to monitor popular trends is within the Twitter platform in the 'Trends' section.


Keeping on the pulse of relevant trends can give you the edge over other businesses in your area. Twitter keeps you at the leading edge of up to date information, usually having more information than news channels about breaking stories.

Using Twitter to engage with your audience.

Twitter is often considered as a real-time engagement model. This means that people would use Twitter to engage with brands.

The engagement can be in a form of sales inquiry, complain or compliment.

Either way, brands and businesses should maximize the power of Twitter to build even bigger brand awareness.

Let’s take a quick example of a person sending you an inquiry via Twitter. Your support team would be able to reach out and connect with the person (and probably closing the sale) immediately!

The moral of the story here is that nowadays, people are less interested with the usual email contact. They would just reach you out on social media and get close to instant answer for their inquiries.

The key here is channel of choice, if your customers are on Twitter, then it's time to consider it as an engagement platform.

Understanding your target market.

Have you checked out Twitter analytics yet? It's incredible for finding out about your target demographic.


All you need to do is visit From there you will be able to see: User trends, age ranges and interests of your following. Vital data for understanding your audience.

So there you have it, if you would like to discuss this or any part of your overall digital marketing  strategy, take a trip over to for more information.




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