Three Awesome Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Jay Whitelock

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Three Awesome Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is incredible...we know this. Specifically though, what are the key things that make it so useful for businesses? Join us as we go through some of the most important benefits right here on the Skypoynt blog.

Making connections. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are huge networking opportunities for your business. At the last count, Facebook has over 1,441 million users. How many customers do think are within that user base...quite a few we would say. We are not saying that every person who is on a social network is sitting waiting to call you up, really people go onto social networks to find out what other people are doing. However just like any area popular with the masses, the opportunity for visibility for your brand is high.

Testing. Is there something that you wanted to try out but didn’t want to spend millions getting there? Social media is the perfect place to try out marketing material and find out what really connects customers to your brand.

Sneaking. You can find out what your competitors are doing. This is crucial to benchmarking yourself and understanding what the competitive landscape is like currently for your brand. We do not advocate obsessing over competitors and their activity, because let’s face it, you are the best aren’t you? We just feel it can be important to keep an eye on the rest of the field to make sure you are ahead, keeping up with or overtaking the best in class.

These are three, non exhaustive social media benefits for businesses like yours. There are a hundred more we are sure and the only way to get stuck in and start to understand the benefits of social media is to give it a go.

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