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Google my Dental (Practice) Business

Technology | Search Engines | SEO Techniques | SEO Tips | Attention | Digital Growth System | Dental Practice Software | Dental Technology

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Dental Patients: Attraction Vs Retention

Digital Business | Online Business | Technology | Attention | Dental Practice Software | Dental Technology

Patient retention for a practice can be determined by many things; people move, they don’t like what they hear, or they just don’t align with or like the practitioner.
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Patient Forms: Online is Best Practice for your Dental Practice

Analytics | Attention | Dental Practice Software | Dental Technology | forms

Forms: The Easy Way for Patients to Communicate
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A guide to the updated Google Ads Search Position Metrics.

Google AdWords | Analytics | PPC | Attention | Digital Growth System

When it comes to running a Google Ads Campaign, there can be no such thing as too much data. Every single data point we get (via Analytics, Google Ads, HotJar etc) expands the depth at which we can abstract trends in consumer behaviour and therefore
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