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Jay Whitelock

3 Reasons I will not buy from YOUR website.

It's a fickle world out there...customers demand perfection in every part of..

Jay Whitelock

4 Steps to Creating a KILLER Digital Strategy

To be blunt...creating a digital strategy, or hold up, any strategy, for..

Jay Whitelock

The Skypoynt Lifetime Value of a Customer Calculator

Customer Lifetime Value is the single most important metric for..

Jay Whitelock

5 Things Killing your Customer’s Experience.

There are a number of areas we could all improve on when it comes to customer..


What exactly is PPC? (Pay Per Click)

PPC is potentially a considerably lucrative campaign type for your business in..

Tom Pritchard

Working out your Mission Statement

When thinking about the direction of our businesses and assets to go along with..

Tom Pritchard

Is my business online?

In should be pretty obvious that your brand needs...dare I say,..

Tom Pritchard

The Skypoynt CEO Edition - Websites for the CEO

If there's one thing that will make you as an aspiring or established chief..

Tom Pritchard

Tom Pritchard

How Fast Should My Website Load?

In an ever impatient world, website lag can be a real killer to the..

Tom Pritchard

Different Types of Web Hosting

In our previous blog post: Where Should I host My Site? We included..

Tom Pritchard

Where Should I Host My Website?

The question “Where should I host my website?”, is an important one for any..

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