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What is Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation: What is it really? 
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Covid-19 and your software: Now is the time to update your Systems.

Business Development | Digital Business | business strategy | covid-19 | work from home | working remotely

Long gone are the days when there was the big ugly cage that housed the monstrous server with more decks and cables that you could count sitting in the office. Today that software is housed in the cloud and accessed through a web-browser on any
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Aggregators: What Mortgage Brokers Want.

Business Development | Customer Service | Marketing | Online Business | Technology | mortgage brokers | aggregators | compliance | finance

A recent study undertaken by Deloitte’s on behalf of the MFAA, found that out of 1000 borrowers accessing home loans through brokers and directly with banks, 90% of both types of respondents were satisfied with the services they received. However,
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Is my business online?

Brand Development | Business advice | Business Development | Digital Presence | Online | Online marketing | Website Development

In should be pretty obvious that your brand needs...dare I say, craves a digital presence. The question we should look at first is most likely...Well, Tom, that’s a bold statement...Why should my business have a digital presence? Listen up!
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