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Aggregators: What Mortgage Brokers Want.

Business Development | Customer Service | Marketing | Online Business | Technology | mortgage brokers | aggregators | compliance | finance

A recent study undertaken by Deloitte’s on behalf of the MFAA, found that out of 1000 borrowers accessing home loans through brokers and directly with banks, 90% of both types of respondents were satisfied with the services they received. However,
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Dental Patients: Attraction Vs Retention

Digital Business | Online Business | Technology | Attention | Dental Practice Software | Dental Technology

Patient retention for a practice can be determined by many things; people move, they don’t like what they hear, or they just don’t align with or like the practitioner.
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The Future is Here: Dental Practices & Dentistry 2020

Digital Business | Online Business | Technology | Dental Practice Software | Dental Technology

I recently read an old article written in 2016 regarding what Dental Practices of the Future (yes 2020) would look like, and as I just recently had a dental appointment, I couldn’t help reflect on the article and I can tell you - the future is here.
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Where Should I Host My Website?

Brand Development | Business advice | Online Business | Technology | Website Development | Website Hosting

The question “Where should I host my website?”, is an important one for any website owner. The reason why it’s so important is that it is the basis from which your website is built on.
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