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Tom Pritchard

How to grant Google Analytics Access


Jay Whitelock

What SEO Changes can we expect in 2016?

At Skypoynt, we want to keep our finger on the pulse of SEO,..

Jay Whitelock

Christmas 2015 Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet

Holiday's are's time to start thinking about your digital..

Jay Whitelock

3 Reasons I will not buy from YOUR website.

It's a fickle world out there...customers demand perfection in every part of..

Jay Whitelock

4 Steps to Creating a KILLER Digital Strategy

To be blunt...creating a digital strategy, or hold up, any strategy, for..

Jay Whitelock

G is for Google.

Google as we know it, is changing.

Jay Whitelock

Making SEO Cool with Volkswagen

Innovation comes in many forms. Car manufacturers are positioned..

Jay Whitelock

5 Key Steps to a Strong SEO Strategy for the SME.

If you’re new to SEO game then it's easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance..


7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Investigate SEO

SEO is crucial to your business being seen by people online. Let’s take a very..


Skypoynt's Innovative New Website

Skypoynt is delighted to announce the release of our new website. Designed with..

Tom Pritchard

How Fast Should My Website Load?

In an ever impatient world, website lag can be a real killer to the..

Tom Pritchard

Different Types of Web Hosting

In our previous blog post: Where Should I host My Site? We included..

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