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Jay Whitelock

How Periscope, Meerkat and Live Streaming are Changing the Internet

We at Skypoynt have been keeping a close eye on a new trend in mobile based..

Tom Pritchard

Tom Pritchard

Different Types of Web Hosting

In our previous blog post: Where Should I host My Site? We included..

Tom Pritchard

Where Should I Host My Website?

The question “Where should I host my website?”, is an important one for any..

Tom Pritchard

Digital Questions for Your Business in 2015

Some business style soul searching perhaps? It’s great to take a moment to..

Tom Pritchard

Hiring a Web Design Firm

Today, most businesses want a website. Some have one. Others want one. If you..

Tom Pritchard

3 Of The Most Important Things To Measure On Your Website For Success

Do you know your bounce rates from your goal conversions? There are a..

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