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Skypoynt's Innovative New Website

Skypoynt is delighted to announce the release of our new website. Designed with..

Tom Pritchard

5 Tips for a Better Website from Skypoynt

We all want better, faster, easier and more accessible. Here are handy tips for..

Tom Pritchard

Tom Pritchard

How Fast Should My Website Load?

In an ever impatient world, website lag can be a real killer to the..

Tom Pritchard

Different Types of Web Hosting

In our previous blog post: Where Should I host My Site? We included..

Tom Pritchard

Digital Questions for Your Business in 2015

Some business style soul searching perhaps? It’s great to take a moment to..

Tom Pritchard

SEO, The Long Term Game

When thinking about Search Engine Optimization for your brand it’s a longer..

Tom Pritchard

5 Key Things Customers Want to See on Your Website

So you want to make sure your website gives your customers what they need? Good..

Tom Pritchard

Hiring a Web Design Firm

Today, most businesses want a website. Some have one. Others want one. If you..

Tom Pritchard

Why Your Website Fails Commercially

Your website is probably failing... I say this with a high degree of confidence..

Tom Pritchard

3 Of The Most Important Things To Measure On Your Website For Success

Do you know your bounce rates from your goal conversions? There are a..

Tom Pritchard

What is the Purpose of your Website?

Can you fill in the blank: The purpose of my website is _________________. If..

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