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Facebook Messenger Rooms - Reinventing the Wheel?

Technology | Social Media | work from home | working remotely | covidsafe | flattenthecurve | socialdistancing | videoconferencing | Messenger | Facebook

Facebook has entered, well reentered, into the arena to take on Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meets and other video meeting and conferencing platforms. Video calling has blitzed during the Coronavirus pandemic, and there has been a demand for Facebook
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Tips for Working From Home Successfully

Social Media | Twitter | business strategy | pandemic | covid-19 | work from home | working remotely

There are many more of us engaged in working from home today, thanks to the crisis of Covid-19 and our self-isolation. I’m experienced at working for myself, at home, and it’s not always easy. I still get distracted, although I’m getting better at
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Covid-19 and your software: Now is the time to update your Systems.

Business Development | Digital Business | business strategy | covid-19 | work from home | working remotely

Long gone are the days when there was the big ugly cage that housed the monstrous server with more decks and cables that you could count sitting in the office. Today that software is housed in the cloud and accessed through a web-browser on any
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