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The Best Conveyancing Website Designs You Will Want to Copy

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The Best Conveyancing Website Designs You Will Want to Copy

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How Does Your Conveyancing Website Stack-up? 

Your website is the billboard for your business. Businesses, particularly legal and conveyancing firms need to demonstrate credibility, professionalism and trust. Time and stress for users can be a deciding factor, and low quality, out of date and cheap-looking websites won’t attract customers undertaking big money transactions.

Generally, your conveyancing website should have a visually attractive design that’s in line with your brand - colours, fonts and your logo. It should also reflect the culture of your team and your clientele. 

Technically, your website should also utilise features that are standard for any good website: responsive design across all devices, fast loading times, and clean and simple navigation. 

Content is Critical 

Your website can be the best looking site with a fantastic user experience, but it means nothing if it’s not advertising what you do best. Our experience working with conveyancers has proven that the following content is critical to your online presence. 

  • About Us | Team and Lawyer Profiles. If your team has multiple lawyers specializing across various aspects of the conveyancing process such as commercial versus domestic, it’s imperative to showcase that. Outlining your team's individual achievements not only adds credibility to your expertise claims, it puts a human face to your business, it promotes professionalism, approachability and transparency. 
  • Overview of Services. Listing and outlining the processes and services for conveyancing and other legal services your firm offers will help users understand and appreciate what you do and how you do it. Confidence that your product and/or service is exactly what they need is the first step in getting them in the door. 
  • Resources and Blogs. Offering a little expertise for nothing shows you are confident in your firm’s business. It shows you know what you are talking about when the information is current and relevant, to help your potential clients get what they need. 
  • Achievements, Professional Publications and Case Studies. This is showing people what you do; how you interact with the industry and clients and spruiking your success stories.  Your experience, including challenges, and offering real-time information and data adds credibility to your firm. 
  • Contact Info and forms. Your business information, location and contact options should be clear especially if you are targeting local users, but even when you aren’t. Consider your end game when contemplating what kind of forms you want your potential clients to be using. Anything from simple contact information sent to your business, to forms offering automatic quotes regarding the services they are looking for could be suitable to include. 
  • CTAs. Call-to-actions encourage users to take the next step. There needs to be a balance between not enough and too many - overwhelming users with too many can put them off. Think about the text on the button - contact us or learn more - and the size and position also will have an effect. CTAs need to be relevant to work. 
  • Landing Pages. Why do you need a landing page AND a website? It’s good practice to have both especially if you are online advertising. Organic (unpaid) searches can identify your website, but if you are listing on third party sites, and undertaking online advertising, a landing page is crucial. AKA lead capture pages offer instant information and can facilitate value for your and your potential clients. You benefit from client information, data and insights. They benefit from more active engagement, and can receive an offer from you in return such as free information, a consultation booking, or an automated email with added resources. 

So, now you know what components and considerations make a great website - you should be able to undertake a bit of a stocktake of your own. There’s no magic formula, some elements and features may work for one but not for another. 

Your website and landing pages should be works in progress. Keeping your content and information current is a fundamental way to assist with your SEO optimisation. 

Skypoynt’s Selection of the best 5 Property Law or Conveyancing Websites. 

Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, outside of the visual attraction of these sites, we’ve also taken the technical and content elements into consideration to compile our list. 

  •  Simple and no fuss. Clear CTAs, distinct outline of services, and uses whitespace expertly to organise information clearly. The friendly header image denotes approachability, while the simple clean colour palette is an extension of their logo and brand. 


  • All About Conveyancing. This simple, clean design conveys a lot of information efficiently. It’s smart contact options include a direct call number and CTA for appointment bookings. It backs itself with a great showcase of customer ratings and testimonials front and centre.


  • Dott & Crossitt. Cool name, minimal fuss. They show with minimal noise that they are available online 24/7 and utilize the latest technology. The layout is simple and translates well over any device. The multiple bold CTAs are clear, so users can interact with the firm instantly. No bells and whistles here, and very easy on the eye and to navigate. 


  • Dowson Turco Lawyers. Immediately you can tell that this firm is a little different, niche. They primarily deal with the LGBTI community, and the use of bold red against white space and minimal imagery is attention-grabbing. Their CTAs are simple and relevant - clearly identifying the main aspects of their business they deem important to the user. The whole site conveys professionalism, yet friendliness and a sense of community and inclusion, while still communicating all the necessary legal information. It's also dynamic and the elements move and adjust according to the screen size and type - try it, adjust the browser screen size percentage. 


  • Bryden’s Lawyers. Sydneysiders would know the name of this firm as they have been involved with media advertising for a few decades. Their website has extensive information about all aspects of their law services, but it’s a clean and simple site with easy navigation. Minimal CTAs encourage the user to contact them, book a consultation or obtain free legal advice once they have gained the information on the area of expertise they need. The neutral colour palette is easy on the eye and denotes easy professionalism.brydons-lawyers-screenshot-image-for-website-blog

Your Next Step - Stocktake Your Website!

We could bang on about great sites versus bad sites all day, but our aim is to give you the fundamentals of what a good site should contain and what it offers the user. 

New changes to the electronic process for conveyancers means now more than ever you need to have a digital presence and capability for your users to identify you and have trust in your expertise. 

It’s time to take stock of your site, and identify areas for improvement. If you don't have time, then talk to us. Our experience working with conveyancers for SEO optimisation and online marketing means we can help. 

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