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SEO Measurement with Skypoynt

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So you now have your website connected to the potential searches around your brand. How do you know if what you are doing has worked and had impact?

You must have Google Analytics installed on your website and have access to the data to be able to measure your SEO effectiveness.

Every month, keep track of the contribution of each traffic source for your site, including:

● Direct Navigation: Typed in traffic, bookmarks, email links without tracking codes, etc.

● Referral Traffic: From links across the web or in trackable email, promotional, and branding campaign links

● Search Traffic: Queries that sent traffic from any major or minor web search engine.

Knowing the number of pages that receive search engine traffic is an essential metric for monitoring overall SEO performance. From this number, we can get a glimpse into indexation—the number of pages from our site the engines are keeping in their indexes.

Taking a monthly check for where you rank for your key search terms is also important. Search engine optimization is without a doubt a monthly exercise, it’s not an overnight thing. There a whole host of website rank checkers out there, a quick Google search will deliver the relevant websites for you to keep track of your rankings.

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