My Favourite Video's That Explain SEO For ECommerce

Tom Pritchard

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My Favourite Video's That Explain SEO For ECommerce

Being an avid YouTube junkie! I often find myself trawling through endless streams of YouTube video's. In amongst the invaluable learnings that can only be yielded from toilet flushing cat video's, sit many amazing educational short films that can help someone understand the basic principals of nearly any topic that exists.

So without further redue, I present my favorite collection of videos that explain SEO for Ecommerce.


Video 1: How Search Works - By Matt Cutts (2010)

To kick off the learning, check out this video from back in 2010 made by Matt Cutts who in 2010, was one of Google's engineers working on Search quality.

Even though this video is ancient (in web speak), it provides a really good description of how Google crawls the web which is a fundamental to how it ranks pages for search terms.


Video 2: What Is SEO? (Ecommerce SEO 101)



Video 3: The Importance of Content for SEO (Ecommerce SEO 101)





Video 4: How does Google rank your store? (Ecommerce SEO 101) 

Google ranks sites that it thinks are the most valuable, the most useful, the most helpful pages when somebody does a search in Google. So to get your site ranking in Google you need to be that best result.

You need to have the highest quality content, the highest trust in authority, as far as Google can measure it. One of the ways that you can rank higher is to create good, quality, unique content. What this means is: write articles around your products and what you do.



Video 5: Researching before investing in keyword ranking? (Ecommerce SEO 101) 

Next video looks at the importance of doing your research. Infinite amounts of time can be invested in to ranking for keywords on Google, but what search phrases should you rank for?


Video 6: Common Misconceptions in SEO? (Ecommerce SEO 101) 

Finally, we take a look at some of the things you should avoid in the misconceptions of SEO.



Providing a pleasurable experience is ultra important, and should always come first in an SEO strategy.


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