The Biggest Web Trends of 2015 So Far

Tom Pritchard

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The Biggest Web Trends of 2015 So Far

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We love web design, fact, so we ensure that we stay on top of the current trends in web design daily, here are our findings on the biggest web trends of

2015 so far...enjoy!

Long Scrolling Sites.

Apple led the way with it’s launch of the Apple Watch on it’s website where, as always experience was at the heart of what Apple do. The website included
all the relevant information in a scrolling format, inspiring Apple fanatics to plan their attempt to get their hands...or wrists on the Apple Watch.

See the apple page right here:

Paralax Scrolling.

The word Paralax is now firmly in the modern web designer’s vocabulary, these sites are intuitive and interactive providing an immediate wow factor and
decreasing bounce rates by up to 70%.

Check out a great example here on the Urban Walks NYC website:

Responsive Webdesign.

This is a BIG one…#mobilegeddon is upon us and a responsive website is key to mobile search results. 2014 was the first year in which mobile usage
actually overtook desktop usage for sites and google has responded appropriately.


Remember how you loved stories as a kid? We as adults are no different, we love a story. Your website holds the opportunity to engage people in a story
that will eventually lead them to engaging with your brand. Stories could be as simple as a customer testimonial, or the reasoning behind a new product
launch at your business...make it interesting and people will read and interact.

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