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Why Conveyancers Should Use PPC

Deb Turney

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Why Conveyancers Should Use PPC

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Simply put - marketing has changed. Just as you would have paid 20, even 10 years ago for prime space for your conveyancing firm in the Yellow Pages, you should be investing some of your marketing dollars into search engine space.

It’s not as simple as paying an annual subscription to have your brand front and centre in print, but it’s not as complex as you would think either. 

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of users searching for your service in your area, and you need to get in front of them. 

Paying for your ads on the Google search and display network, when done correctly, is a cost-effective way to attract more clients too your conveyancing firm, faster.

Google Ads Dominate Screens 

Here is the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for ‘conveyancers near me’ on a laptop. (Obviously from where I’m sitting writing this blog). 



The property lawyers and conveyancers that don’t use PPC marketing appear below the paid ads. When you consider that over 50% of users undertake a search on their smartphones, users in most cases will click on businesses on the first page of results, and Google Ads appear at the top of any search engines results page (SERP), it makes sense. The ads dominate the screen. 

Digitisation and Competition

The conveyancing industry is changing as components of the process become increasingly digitised. Deloitte’s report, The Future of Conveyancing in Australia 2025-2030, released in 2018 predicts that by 2022 Australia will have moved to 100 percent e-conveyancing. 

The report also goes on to say the impact of technology on the conveyancing industry will lead to a more transparent and service driven landscape, with the ability to process transactions in an increasingly and efficient and automated way. Getting in front of your clients with your online presence, demonstrating professionalism and quality of service is becoming the main source of competition in the conveyancing and legal landscape. 

Relevance & Reputation Management + More

Your Google account offers so many more features, and opportunities than just PPC to get people in front of your business with the right messaging. 

  • Data Analytics: Analyse and adapt your message, creative and schedule or pause accordingly to the data analytics. Measurement of enquiries and other goals along your funnel offer insight into what works and what needs work. 
  • Relevance: Google has a thing called Quality Score which measures relevant ads, relevant ad groups, and relevant landing pages. Content, bidding strategy and account management all have an impact on your quality score; the higher your score (more relevance) could see you paying less than your competition for your ad campaigns. 
  • Reputation Management: Google reviews (a feature of your account) are the new word of mouth. While over 90% of users search for lawyers online, around 40%of users will make their decision based on user reviews. Making it a habit to get reviews from your clients can help you manage your reputation with right-of-reply interactions and real responses to user comments, even the inevitable negative feedback. 



Still Not Convinced? 

Even if you are a few years behind your competitors in your PPC efforts, with some optimisation you can get in the game quickly. Unlike organic SEO, you can gain attention with positioning and traffic within moments of launch by targeting users outside your normal marketing channels. 

You are in control, and almost everything can be adjusted and scaled to suit your conveyancing firm and your audience. Budget, keywords and ads, goals and targeting are all in your control. Positive results allow you to scale up immediately, and those that don’t work can be scrapped. Testing and optimisation can be undertaken daily if necessary. 

Your Ads campaign gives you the ability to create remarketing lists to engage customers at every stage, no matter where they have entered your website. Your messaging and other campaigns can be created to retarget a potential customer that perhaps has visited your conveyancer landing page, but not enquired about the business, offering you the opportunity to reinforce why they should choose your services over a competitor, no matter where they are on the sales funnel. 

Your Competitors are Doing It!

Every time a user searches for conveyancing or property law services in your geographic area, offering similar services to you, and you don’t have ads appearing - you are missing out. Your competitors are increasing their market share - so you should be too. 

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