Why Google My Business is Critical for Conveyancers

Deb Turney

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Why Google My Business is Critical for Conveyancers

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Why is Google My Business Critical I Hear You Ask….. 

Well, it’s a great FREE tool and when you consider that a recent Deloitte’s report predicts eConveyancing will be the norm, with 100% of conveyancing transactions taking place online by 2022, it certainly adds weight to the statement.

It’s a great snapshot of your business even before users and potential clients delve deeper and visit your website - users can see all your information at a glance. 

The free Google platform features enable you to communicate your contact details, physical business address, and business hours. You can attach original images and photos to your listing, for personalisation and to give you some control of how you appear on the Search Engine Results Page and Google Maps. 

Let’s Take A Closer Look at Conveyancer Benefits.

It's Great for your Local Presence

Google My Business (GMB) allows you to appear in Maps and Local Pack listings. The organic search results for your conveyancing business can enhance your online presence and your paid digital marketing efforts, while also promoting your physical shopfront presence. It’s highly visible and puts your business in front of users in your geographical area. 

The physicality of your conveyancing business is still an important consideration for potential clients. Even as the process of the transactions moves to digital, local knowledge and expertise will remain critical to successful transactions and outcomes for buyers and sellers. 

Customer Reviews + Interactions

GMB offers instant call and message services and enables your customers to leave reviews; so above all it’s another free and simple way to answer customer questions and calls, book meetings, and instantly respond to reviews via the GMB mobile app attached to your account. 

It’s becoming increasingly common for customers to shop based on what other people are saying and recommending, and conveyancers offer services that include some of the largest monetary transactions in people’s lives, it can be extremely emotional and personal. You want people to share those successful experiences; it’s word of mouth, and for your conveyancing business it’s imperative that those successes are shared. The GMB feature makes it simple for your customers to leave reviews, good and bad. 

Reviews improve local SEO and increase sales overall. 

When the reviews are not so good - you can’t please everyone all of the time - the GMB smartphone app can allow you to respond quickly. Responses can be used to demonstrate your professionalism, control user perception of you and your business, and build relationships. The perfect environment for getting great feedback. 

Oh, and did we mention that it’s FREE? 

...AND it’s easy to use… 

In a few hours you can create your profile and have it verified. Then once you're up and running, you can delve a little deeper and analyse your ranking performance, for continuous improvement. 

So in summary, it’s great for local businesses (perfect for conveyancing firms) to increase visibility and search ranking. It makes it easy for users to find and contact you, to connect with your potential customers to improve your business revenue. Oh, and it’s FREE!

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