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Why is Local SEO Important for Conveyancers?

Deb Turney

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Why is Local SEO Important for Conveyancers?

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Firstly… What is local SEO? 

Local SEO is the junior version of global SEO, and its main objective is to ensure that potential clients find you in their search - and that search engines identify you - in your locality. 

It’s location-based and will promote your conveyancing or property law firm in your area - or for those that are searching in your area. 

So if someone is buying or selling a property in your area, and needs conveyancing services with knowledge of that demographic, optimising your local SEO can put you directly in front of that user, by enhancing your local search rankings. 

Local SEO also refers to the process of optimising your firm’s online presence in your local area. In the case of conveyancing, it’s a no brainer, as your local area is your place of expertise. 

So where SEO sets a global target, Local SEO focuses on the audience looking for your specific services in your backyard. 

What are the Benefits of Local SEO for my Conveyancing Firm? 

Local SEO is here to stay, and it helps to drive valuable leads to your conveyancing firm. As technology and search algorithms improve, experts agree that Local SEO will become more relevant. Conveyancers that take advantage of local SEO to connect with high converting clients, enhance their online presence and build local domain authority.  

7 Benefits of Local SEO for Conveyancer Graphic Skypoynt

Local SEO Statistics. 

There is a myriad of statistics out there to encourage and support our push for conveyancers to embrace and prioritise their local SEO. Here are just a few. 

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Keywords and Phrases for Local SEO 

Local keyword research is a lot more specific than regular SEO. Your content needs to resonate with particular locations. 

Search engines still include consideration of factors such as search volume, website and page content, and what competitors offer on their sites. Local SEO specifics include geo qualifiers (aka geo-targeting) such as suburbs, city, state, and postcodes. 

Here are some examples of local SEO search terms for a Conveyancer in Bondi (Sydney Australia). These are just examples - you’ll have to undertake your own research. keyword-vs-local-SEO-keyword-image
Local Keywords: Implicit vs Explicit

Not as in R-rated explicit - in this case, it means the search contains a local modifier. 

If I search for ‘pub’ it’s going to show me pubs that are close to me, no matter where I’m searching from, and even without using '''near me', as Google assumes it’s my intent I’m looking for a local. This is an implicit search. 

If I’m going to a pub with a friend that’s a few suburbs away, and it’s my choice of venue, I’m going to search for ‘pubs in Bondi”, which is an explicit local search. 

How to Improve Your Local SEO in 4 Steps 

There are several things you can do to increase your local SEO presence online. As you can see above in the statistics above, we recommend that you don’t be one of the 56% that still haven’t claimed their Google Business Profile listing. Then work on the rest. 

Local SEO Mobile Search information Users Want

  • Display your conveyancing firms’ business details, including name, address and contact details including phone numbers. These details should be updated across:
  • Claim your Google business listing - and don’t forget Yelp, Yahoo and Bing. Complete it and optimise it regularly with updated images and other information to keep users updated. 
  • Use your keyword research - make sure your content speaks to the most common queries and contains local references, including looking at image names, meta descriptions and alt tags. Don’t be too in your face about it - search engines penalise if it’s just blatant keyword stuffing. 
  • Ask for reviews, and respond to them. 98% of users will read online reviews of local services and businesses. They are one of the driving forces for the local users to engage with your business or firm, and Google will use these reviews to determine your relevance for user queries, because like us Google trusts word-of-mouth marketing. 

Final Word about Local SEO

Conveyancing firms fit the glove that local SEO is made for. 

Any business that services and/or has a business space or shopfront in a particular geographic area benefits from utilising and optimising their local SEO. When you consider the implicit vs explicit search, and Google's power to relate to user intent, it's a testament to the importance of local SEO for conveyancers and property lawyers.

If your local SEO isn't optimised, you are going to miss out on attracting the highest converting customers - statistics prove it. 

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