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Why You SHOULD be using a CRM in Your Conveyancing Firm

Deb Turney

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Why You SHOULD be using a CRM in Your Conveyancing Firm

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The Benefits of Using a CRM in your Conveyancing Business

We could go right into the intricate technicalities of the uses that a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tool has to offer ANY business, but we won’t. 

We will say that as the 100% online digital process looms for conveyancing firms, it makes sense to bring a technology onboard that supports the end-to-end process.

We will also say that great CRMs will streamline your backend efficiencies, so you can concentrate on the conveyancing and property law operations that drive your business. They offer integrated tools to help you nurture client relationships, including marketing, reporting and customer service. They also often include intelligent models and templates based on other successful business models that can be customised for your firm. 

That’s great for you, your conveyancing business and your clients. 

The Top 4 Reasons Why Conveyancers SHOULD Use a CRM

  1. Centralise your client data and documentation
  2. Organise important tasks and processes
  3. Automate your marketing actions
  4. Customisable Dashboards

Centralise Your Client Data and Documentation 

Centralised client data and documentation saves time and headaches; offering easy tracking and smooth integration for all your legal team to access. Up to date contact information, relevant documentation, and records of all your client interactions in one place. Take the old Roladex to a whole new level!

Organise Important Tasks and Processes + Track Client Interactions

undraw_Online_calendar_re_wk3tWhen you meet with a prospective client, what’s your follow-up process? CRMs allow you to set reminders, and automatically assign tasks and next steps of the process to relevant team members. Emails can be automated and sent at intervals along the process, and every activity is attached to the client record.

Tracking customer interactions also allows you to analyse your customer service response, and makes your team members accountable for their participation in the process, in real-time. 

Automate Your Marketing Actions 

Getting out in front of potential clients is imperative for any growing business, and conveyancing firms are no different. If you aren’t engaging in digital marketing - and we aren’t talking paid ads - just utilising free tools available, you are on the back foot. 

Digital interaction with prospective clients makes you accessible. Sharing valuable information around their important transactions and the market in your local area denotes expertise and trust. Potential clients and/or users that do locate your business online will mostly be expecting a seamless end to end experience also, something a CRM can do by automating responses at various touch points through the process.  

Inhouse, you can coordinate all of your online marketing, and social media posting. Stay in touch with former clients intermittently through newsletters and relevant industry news; word of mouth is powerful, if they don’t forget you, the first name on their lips when their  friends are looking for conveyancers will be yours. 

Automating your marketing efforts will save time, and increase consistency to get you out front and centre of your competitors, and keep you there. 

Customisable Data Dashboards

undraw_Dashboard_re_3b76CRMs have the capability to capture data, and produce reports by analysing that data. Marketing goals can be tracked offering you insights into who you're reaching, and how successful the process is. 

Let’s face it, not all team or firm members are interested in the same feedback. Your principal lawyers vs your admin and customer service staff for example. Sure overall your entire team should want each customer transaction to be a successful outcome, but your processes can be measured from end-to-end of the process, including your marketing. Setting up your dashboards, means you can highlight specific areas of your firm’s business that may be falling short and can be addressed. 

Dashboards offer a snapshot of your firm's data, and your team can see what’s important to them through workflow without having to rummage through records or run reports. 

CRMs are Communication Tools 

CRM software normally integrates well with other software platforms and communication tools such as email, your website and other business tools. Many integrate with telephone and video conferencing software also. 

The ability to record and analyse those calls, emails and meetings will elevate your customer service, motivate and direct marketing and sales, and inturn increase your bottom line.

The Wrap Up 

CRMs offer the ability to minimise your paperwork, simplify your communication processes and centralise your documentation. The data you capture - the insights into your audience and clientele, market and industry,  allows you to manage and streamline your marketing directly to your unique customer. 

Every member of your firm can use the insights, and collaborate more easily to improve your customer experience. 

The biggest benefit of using a CRM in your conveyancing firm is that you are using your data and technology to build, maintain and improve your firm. 

So, What CRM is best for your firm? 

undraw_Questions_re_1fy7We don’t want to be biased (but we are). Here at Skypoynt, we use Hubspot™ and have also deployed it for several of our conveyancing clients. They are happy with the benefits that it’s brought to their business, even at the free subscription level. We've put together an article on exactly what a FREE Hubspot subscription can do for your firm

Depending on your budget and the nature of your firm - does your firm offer other legal services outside of Property Law and Conveyancing - you should do what’s best for your business practices. However, Hubspot does offer a lot of CRM for free. just released their 2021 comparison for CRMS (not legal-specific). 


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