Brooklyn Central Boat Hire (Sydney) 

New Website Development

New Owners: New Website 

  • New website structure and digital presence to optimise product information and improved SEO to attract more business online. 

  • Establish a strong platform for digital integration for online bookings and business management. 


Old Website Screenshot of Brooklyn Central Home Page of New Brooklyn Central Boat Hire Business Website

Executive Summary 

Following successful professional corporate careers, Dave and Vanessa Martin made a sea-change, purchasing the Brooklyn Central Marina business on the Hawkesbury River in March 2019. 

Brooklyn Central Marina comprises a boat hire business along with a Petrol station and a Grocery and general store. The Marina is positioned in the heart of Brooklyn, 55 kms north of the Sydney CBD, on the banks of the beautiful Hawkesbury River. While the business had been very successful over a long period, Dave had noted that the website was very basic and did not add any value to the business. 

By accident (or fate) Tom crossed paths with Dave while at the Hawkesbury River, and through friendly banter realised that Skypoynt may be able to assist Brooklyn Central with some of their digital pain points. Dave signed up for our Digital Assessment to identify issues and opportunities, including a commitment to a new website. 

The brief was to build a website, more detailed and growth enabled, to showcase the boat hire and additional services of the business.  

The Assessment & Workshop

Tom visited the site to undertake the workshop and assessment with Dave and his team. The initial improvement was the new website, but other opportunities identified were the implementation of a digital booking system, and a more pressing need to set up email integration (such as G-Suite) that would be cohesive with the website and to enable further  digital integrations moving ahead. 

It was also identified and recommended that other improvements such as a digital booking system could be implemented. While all the digital tool discussion was ongoing, it was required that moving forward G-Suite should be implemented as a start, and a new website be built to optimise digital integrations.  

The onsite workshop was imperative Skypoynt, it clearly identified that there was a minimum of digital tools or integration at hand. It was also critical to the Brooklyn Central team:

the workshop promoted team buy-in, and ownership of the issues and the opportunities the process had identified. It also gave us a clear direction and enabled us to prioritise our actions.” 

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 12.31.16 pm

The Website: Challenges 

After undertaking an audit of the website, even without integration and data collection, it was determined that with a better user interface and site-map, organic SEO could be achieved. Lack of specific content and depth of information, was making it difficult for search engines to index the website; with better content alone searchability could be increased. 

In his own words Dave explained that the old website exhibited...

“relatively poor SEO, encouraged a high incidence of direct/phone customer enquiries and displayed limited information regarding the attributes of their main product: boats. There was minimal information regarding the boat amenities, inclusions, and specifications.”

The Website, Platform & Site Map 

We chose to use SquareSpace for their content management system platform, as it was easy to achieve in design the clean look Brooklyn Central needed. SquareSpace will also enable Dave and his team to easily make changes, add other products and services etc moving ahead and ongoing.

The old website format was very flat with minimal navigation, and therefore limited room for growth, user engagement and SEO optimisation. The first phase was populating the content on the main pages from the main menu and the boat/product pages as identified in the Assessment and Workshop Process. 


Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 1.00.36 pm
Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 2.21.18 pm

New Images for the business and the website. 

Assets for the site such as imagery were a challenge as the ones in the screen grab from the old were inadequate: borrowed, low resolution and poorly executed photos. 

We needed new images overall.

To move the process along we arranged to visit with our camera, to take some images of the business, boats and surrounds. 

(Note: this is not a regular service offered, it’s an add-on that can be arranged where required.)


Retouched Images 

You can't always know what the weather will do, and on the day we arranged to visit Brooklyn Central is wasn't ideal for taking photos. It was overcast and there had been rain: the river was dark and the light diffused. We had the images retouched to brighten them for the site. 

Brooklyn Central took possession of all original and retouched images as their collateral. 

(Note: this is not a regular service offered, it’s an add-on that can be arranged where required.)


Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 1.26.14 pm

Boat Hire Pages

While the new images project was a big part of the project, the main aim was to showcase the boats and give potential customers all the information they needed to make a choice and a booking. 

We started from scratch: the old ‘catalogue pages’ had little specific information about the products and no interactivity. 

So we (1 - from left to right below) categorised the Boats into the 3 categories that Dave and his team directed, then (2) graphically highlighted each boat in the category, that then led to a showcase page for (3) each boat with specifications and hire prices. 


Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 3.44.43 pm
Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 3.45.45 pm
Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 3.46.19 pm



After some research of similar businesses in the area, it was determined that Dave and the team could achieve more bang for their buck by providing as much information about the business and surrounds through additional - but simple - pages. 

Offering extensive FAQs for the site and business was easy, as the business and team had been answering all types of questions via phone since they took over the business business. 

We determined that as the website was going to enable bookings online moving ahead, giving their clients as much information in relation to common questions would be a benefit. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 2.39.00 pm
Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 2.29.42 pm

Contact Us 

As you can see we kept this clean and easy to read - it's also set up so Dave and his team can keep people informed of local changes etc. Note the Covid-19 notice encouraging people to call and book as the changes to business operation abilities change. 

We also inserted the form, so the business alternatively can contact the customer regarding any enquiries. 

The business can also use this data moving ahead when they fully integrate their digital abilities. 



The Result 

To give a little extra we also added a page for some local history. This and the FAQs give Brooklyn Central a point of difference for many of the similar businesses in the area.

The Brooklyn Central Launchpad (Website) phase was completed successfully; it included their email setup and migration to G-Suite, their website going live, and their RCM Booking tool in place. 

The next stage will  see the integration and optimisation of their tools for a seamless user experience, and for Dave and the team at Brooklyn Central to access all their information and data in one place. Watch this space.

What the customer says about the experience…. 

“The team at Skypoynt demonstrate a willingness to understand and explore the issues of a different product and market…….to gain a complimentary view of the marketing techniques required to build and sustain the business.”

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